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Video: Intel Laptop Gaming TDK at GDC2007

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This is a video interview I did with Rajshree and Sateesh, both of Intel's Software Solutions Group, right after their GDC2007 session on the Intel Laptop Gaming TDK. The video is about six minutes long, and weighs about 12 MB. You can download it directly at this link.

The Laptop Gaming TDK is a tool kit that any developer can download for free, and use in your applications to check on the state of a laptop – things like "am I plugged in?", "how much battery is left?", "what's the wireless signal strength?"

Once you know about those things, you can make your game more "laptop friendly", by providing warnings to the player that their battery is about to die, or dynamically scaling things like the detail level or other aspects of the game to maximize battery life when playing unplugged.

You can download the Intel Laptop Gaming TDK for yourself, and try it out (it's free to play with and/or include in your games or other applications). We do ask for an email address, but we promise we won't spam you. We hate spam, just like you do.

If you want to learn more, or want to get in touch with an Intel software engineer that can help you, make sure to visit the Mobility community on Intel Software Network, including the Mobilized Software Development forum. We're here to help, at your disposal, so make good use of us!


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