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Video: Intel Menlow UMPC prototype, hot off the camera from IDF Beijing

Some of my Intel blogger friends are attending IDF Beijing this week, and this morning, one of them sent me a heads up for this video they had just shot, showing a brand new second generation Ultra Mobile PC prototype, codenamed Menlow. This is the follow-up to the MID Linux based devices they have been showing, and is supposed to be out in 2008.

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The device that gets demoed has a Silverthorne processor (based on the 45nm Penryn chip), which runs at 0.6 or 2 watts of power consumption. At 2 watts, it delivers the performance of a Pentium M (not bad at all). It’s smaller than current gen UMPCs, and I love the slide-out keyboard. Has a touchscreen. Expected battery life is 4 to 6 hours.

I really, really want one of these, and you can bet that I’m going to be hounding the folks in the Ultra Mobile group to see when/if I can get my hands on one. For now, just check out this video demo, and drool along with me. 🙂

(Update: Here’s the original post from Mark Parker, the guy with the hands on experience with Menlow, on the Intel Technology blog).


16 thoughts on “Video: Intel Menlow UMPC prototype, hot off the camera from IDF Beijing

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  3. 0.6 or 2 watts? Sounds like it has single or dual-core operation.
    Can’t wait to hear more about that little tinker.

    You must be feeling proud today Josh. Intel has done a good job.

    Is it all over at IDF? I was hoping for manufacturer announcements.


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  5. Wow. I am looking for a PDA, but now I figure, why don’t I just bring Outlook with me? And with the price of the HTC Athena being around $1400, this just might be a winner. I must have one. I must.

    By the way, nice new theme.

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