Come play Wii with me tonight at BarCamp Portland!

I’m headed out this afternoon to BarCamp Portland, downtown at CubeSpace (622 SE Grand Ave.). They asked me to bring my Wii, and we’re going to set it up in one of the rooms and have it available for whoever wants to play. Tonight is basically dinner/planning the sessions for the main BarCamp day tomorrow, and networking.

If you don’t know what BarCamp is about, check out the site, but basically, it’s a free, open “unconference”, where the sessions and topics are determined by the attendees. If you could make a physical conference have the attributes of a wiki (open, anyone can edit, etc.), you’d have BarCamp. The theme is Tech, Geek, Culture, so if you’re interested in any of those, or if you want to come kick my butt at Wii Sports, come on down! 🙂

Chris Messina of Citizen Agency is going to be there, and I’m looking forward to chatting with him again. And did I mention there’s going to be food? For free? How can you resist? 😉 Over 240 people have listed themselves as planning to attend on the wiki, so it should be a great group.

Thanks to Dawn Foster, Todd Kenefsky, Raven Zachary, and everyone else who worked hard to plan BarCamp Portland. I’m looking forward to it!