Conan gets a peek at my everyday Intel life

This video has been going around like crazy this morning, both in the blogosphere (in my Intel search feeds), and from coworkers. I don’t usually stay up late enough to watch Conan O’Brian, but apparently he visited Intel’s headquarters and “mothership” building, RNB, in Santa Clara. The result is about 8 minutes of video that will make you laugh, and if you are, or are related to, an Intel employee, possibly cry a little, too:

(Updated with the new “official” NBC version on YouTube – thanks Jason and Matthew!)

I’m not in Santa Clara, but at the Jones Farm campus in Oregon. But there are a lot of similarities. Endless seas of grey fabric cubicles and hallways? Check. Extreme concentration of nerds? Check. Chess games in the cafeteria? Check, though I think they play more dominoes and poker here. Really, the only difference is that Santa Clara is a lot “glitzier”, what with the museum and ultra cool decor, but there are a lot more trees and green (and rain) up here in Oregon. You can see some photos I took last time I was at Intel in Santa Clara in this photoset on Flickr. I never noticed the little “stand here with camera” sign, even though I took several shots of that view. 🙂

Now, I wonder if Conan will let me tour his facilities with my camera, making fun of how “Hollywood”, “pretty”, and how slick/vain/fake the whole TV industry is? 😉 Nah, probably not…


8 thoughts on “Conan gets a peek at my everyday Intel life

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  3. Mike says:

    Yep, I bought into the tease that came before the local 11:00 pm news that night and stayed up for Conan’s visit to Intel RNB and fab. Didn’t see anything untrue, saw a few things exaggerated, felt like home. It would have been fun to see Conan interviewing Andy or CRB…Conan is smart, but either of them would have tore him inside-out in seconds, so he would need to be careful not to get too smart-aleck.

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  5. I love the grey, matched with grey, matched with blue/grey.

    Although hilarious, it was also a good slap in the face to say – “Do you people realize the work environment you’re in???”

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