Google Reader gets friendly with the Wii

This awesome news made my day, and I can’t wait to get home to try it out. There are also some other interesting implications that I’ll get to in a second.

By way of WiiFanboy, I read today that the Google Reader team has released a Wii-friendly (Wii-specific, even) user interface mode for everyone’s favorite web-based feed reader/aggregator:

You can get to it on your Wii using the Opera browser (bookmark it, so you don’t have to type that long URL again) at this URL:

The font size is bigger, and the navigation elements, like the list of feeds in the sidebar, are all hidden. There are even some Wii-specific navigation controls, using the buttons on the Wiimote:

I couldn’t figure out how to simulate/use the Wii buttons in Firefox on my Mac, so I haven’t played around with those features yet, but Joe Siegler put up some photos of the menus and interface from his TV and Wii (thanks Joe!).

This is very, very cool, and I can’t wait to try out reading my feeds from the couch on my Wii and TV. I’ve already learned that using the Wiimote as a pointer to navigate web pages is very relaxed and natural feeling, and there are lots of other Wee-specific web pages (like and Here’s one more to bookmark and add to the list (that reminds me, I need to try out on the Wii, too).

So what are the “larger implications” I was talking about? Well, here we have a version of Google Reader that sits nicely between the full desktop/browser version, and the stripped down light Mobile version. I think it would be perfect for those “in the middle” devices like the Nokia N800 internet tablet and Ultra Mobile PCs (and Tablet PCs). It’s already been reported by Cheryl Jones via Twitter that it doesn’t work on the N800. I’ll try it out soon on a UMPC, and report back on how it goes (should work fine, just a matter of whether it’s better than the regular version on the smaller screen).

But this opens the door to different “skins” or interfaces for Google Reader. Hey, Google, how about opening the interface up as a API or something, so people can mash up Reader? I’d LOVE to see a Reader implementation in Silverlight or something similar. Let us mash up and remix Reader like we can with Maps. Pretty please?! ๐Ÿ™‚

So what do you think? Give it a try on your various mobile web enabled devices, and let me know how it goes! Links to screenshots or blog posts about your experiences are a bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  2. adam ritenour says:

    I tried it on my T-mobile MDA with no luck. I think they are using AJAX so it won’t work on any winows mobile devices. Darn.

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