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Intel Quad Core Chopper

The famous "Quad Core" chopper, created by Orange County Choppers for Intel, is making a stop at Intel’s Jones Farm 3 building, in the lobby. I heard some people talking about it excitedly, and the first thing I did was grab my HD video camera and go down to shoot some video and take some pictures. Check out the video – it weighs 27MB, and is about 2:40 minutes long. Right-click here to download and save it to your hard drive.

You can read more about it in the Intel press release, and you can even "build" one for yourself in Second Life, to ride around on.

The chopper has two V-Twin motors, so it’s truly "quad core". I was kind of disappointed that the touted PC that controls the kickstand, media system, GPS, etc. wasn’t attached, but it is still a very cool ride.

Bill, now’s your chance to have one of these! ;-)Â


5 thoughts on “Intel Quad Core Chopper

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  5. OK Josh… I chickened out… I wrote this comment for your original post on ISN but decided to post here instead. Intel has spent a ton on this marketing promotion. Good for ECG.

    But, come on! This quad core chopper is ridiculous. Let’s call it what it is: a great pop cultural marketing tool. It is decoration with an Intel logo – I will give OCC their props – it is beautiful – most their bikes are. But please, this is not a riding bike… any self respecting motorcyclists knows you can’t take this type of bike on the road (600 miles in one day).

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