Our Memorial Day Weekend Plans

It’s the Friday afternoon lull. Feeds are read, Twitter is quiet, and everyone seems to be ready for the first summer holiday weekend in the U.S. (Memorial Day). My family is going to Bend, Oregon tomorrow, first thing in the morning, to visit with my dad and grandparents, who are up from Utah. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve seen any of my family from Utah, and I can imagine that Emma and Gabe are going to be the stars of the show.

Since we got late notice that they were going to be nearby, we didn’t have much time to book lodgings in Bend. As a result, there are no hotel vacancies that I can find (imagine that!). Bend is near Sun River, Oregon, and that part of the state is pretty much a playground, so it’s no surprise that everything’s booked.

So, we’re going to get up early Saturday morning, drive to Bend (about 4 hours), spend the day there, then drive that evening over to Rachel’s parents’ in Eugene probably another 3 hours. It’s going to make for a long day on the road, but I like driving, and it’s some gorgeous scenery over the Cascade mountains, so it’ll be fun.

We’ll hang out in Eugene with grandma and grandpa until Monday, then probably drive over to the Oregon Coast. We have been to the coast every Memorial Day weekend since we’ve been married (actually, since we started dating), so why break tradition? 😉 The coast is BEAUTIFUL – one of my very favorite places, and of course there’s the required stop at the Tillamook Creamery for fresh ice cream and cheese curds. It’s the BEST.

I hope you have a fun weekend, whatever your plans are. I’m just about ready to take the wraps off of something I’ve been working on for a few days – my “life stream” and revamped linkblog, put together with Tumblr. I’ll write more about that next week, but if you want a sneak peek, check out and And let me know what you think!