What is Intel’s problem? What don’t you like about Intel?

Update: For clarification, ISN = Intel Software Network. We live at

I’ve posted this on our blog, too, and there is some good conversation starting in the comments, to feel free to answer in either place.

I’m in an ISN staff meeting right now, and we’re talking about risk taking opportunities. Broad topic, and we all have lots of ideas (including me). In fact, I maintain a draft blog post that’s basically a list of hairball wild ideas that I’d like to do at Intel. I added a few ideas from the discussion this morning.

But the thing that keeps popping up in my mind is this: what is the problem we’re trying to solve?

At ISN, we look at Intel as a software company (that is, we don’t concern ourselves too much with designing the next CPU, or the manufacturing side of the company).

Our goal at ISN, as I see it, is to help developers make Really Awesome Software. The mission statement for our parent group, the Developer Relations Division, is “Inspire Software Innovation on Intel”, which is just another way to put it. We’re not a revenue generating part of Intel. We exist to help developers, and to tell them “hey, we know our products aren’t free, and we appreciate you for buying them. Here are some things that might help you, as a way of saying Thank You.”

That’s all well and good, but I want to figure to figure out what the obstacles are to being the best dang software community in the world.

Is it an image problem? Do too many people hate Intel because we’re a huge company, seen as heartless and cruel and evil?

Is it an awareness problem? Do people just not realize that Intel is a software company, too, and that these things are available?

Tell me what you think. What do you hate about Intel? What do you see as Intel’s negative side?

Be honest, and don’t hold back. I really want to know.


2 thoughts on “What is Intel’s problem? What don’t you like about Intel?

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  2. to me it is an awareness problem. Even in your post, if you put a link to something that we can see that tells us what Intel software has availabile it would be good. Most people see Intel as CPU’s and Wireless cards, with maybe the driver software that comes with them. What does Intel have to offer developers? Let us know!

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