Wow. Google DID buy FeedBurner (for 100 meelion dollars)

TechCrunch has the scoop, as always (hat tip to Tim Germer for getting this up so quickly on the Portland Social Media blog, where I found it first). Guess the rumors this week were right on the money.

Congrats to Rick Klau and all the FeedBurner crew. Couldn’t have happened to a cooler service. 🙂

I love FeedBurner. I’ve been using it for my own feeds, and the feeds on Intel Software Network, for a long time. It’s the only service out there that I know of that can actually tell you how many people are subscribed to your RSS feed. That alone is awesome, and all of the other cool features and stats that they make available to bloggers and podcasters, all totally free, are just icing on the cake.

I wonder what kind of integration we’ll see with other Google services, like Analytics (which I recently started using again a couple of weeks ago here on BTW, the new Google Analytics interface is completely awesome. I love it.