Elgato is working on the image quality issues with the Turbo.264

I posted yesterday about some image/video quality issues I noticed with video encoded with the elgato Turbo.264 (bout time I started writing that correctly). Namely, I saw some jagginess and interlacing artifacts in video when compared to the same encoded with iMovie/Quicktime H.264.

Well, elgato is listening, because I got an email this morning from them stating that they’re aware of the issue, and they’re working on it. I got a link to a beta of the software, which I’m not sure if I can share yet (I’ve asked, and I’ll post a link if I can). So I’ll try that out, and see if it makes a difference.

Thanks to Lars at elgato for being web savvy enough to find my post, and contact me about the issue. THAT is how a company needs to do business, and my happiness/loyalty as a customer of elgato has gone way up. I’m even more likely to recommend them now. 🙂

Update: Just did an encoding test on the same file I used yesterday, with the new beta Turbo.264 software, and the image quality is definitely improved. None of the interlacing artifacts I noticed were there, and it looks at least as good if not better than the one I’m comparing it, encoded with Quicktime/iMovie. The bit rate is higher, resulting in a larger file, though (38MB for about 3 minutes, compared to about 27MB for the original Turbo.264 version and the Quicktime version). But this is beta software, so I won’t count that against them.