Great “Meet the Bloggers” event at Intel Software Network Island in Second Life yesterday

We had a great informal “meet the Intel bloggers” in Second Life yesterday. at the Intel Software Network sim/island in Second Life. Lots of people showed up, both Intel and non-Intel folks. Introductions were made, questions were asked and answered (most popular question from Intel people: “what do you guys want to see from us?” – most popular question from non-Intel people: “what can you do for us besides marketing?”). 57 Miles from was there, and wrote up a nice post about the event.

You can see a few of the screenshots I took of the gathering in my “Intel in Second Life” set on Flickr. Peretz Stein (Paul Steinberg in RL) is our main Second Life guru guy, and he’s in world a lot. Look for him if you have any questions. I’m Gadget Mandelbrot in world – the blue guy with big orange hair and orange crocs. 😉 Feel free to friend me, IM me for teleport, or just say hi if you ever run into me in world.

We’ve got a few more in world events planned soon – a Compiler Q&A, time with one of Intel’s threading gurus (Clay Breshears), and a “hacking Intel” session from my cube neighbor and AJAX wizard Kevin Pirkl. Keep an eye on the Intel Software Network Events page for the details, and come join us!

We’re experimenting in Second Life – we realize that we’re n00bs there, and we’re trying to not suck. But one thing to remember is that Intel Software Network is about helping developers make Really Awesome Software, and our Second Life presence is part of that. Not marketing. Think of us as the little rogue team within Intel that gets to try cool new stuff like this, to see what works and what doesn’t. 🙂


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