Hey, Bloggers! Come to Research@Intel Day (Wed. June 20, Santa Clara, CA)

Are you a blogger (who isn’t these days!)? Are you going to be in or near Santa Clara, CA on Wednesday, June 20 (Silicon Valley)? If so, I’d love to invite you to come to Research@Intel Day – a day long “science fair” event where Intel Research shows off the really cool, amazing, futuristic stuff they’re working on.

This is the first year that bloggers are being welcomed with open arms (and my first time attending, too), so if you’re reading this, and you’re interested in dropping by Intel to see some cool futuristic stuff, drop me a line (, and I’ll get you added to the list. There’s going to be a press/bloggers room with power and WiFi (and snacks), and photos and video are encouraged. The Intel Researchers themselves will be there, too, for interviews or to answer questions, so this is a great opportunity. I’ll be there blogging, shooting HD video, and doing interviews for Intel Software Network (I’ll post stuff here, too).

Here are the rest of the details of the event – remember, if you want come, just let me know, and I’ll get you in. 🙂

Update: Here’s a list of all of the sessions/exhibits that are going to be available, so you can check them out if you’re on the fence, and/or find the topics you’re most interested in. Download the document here, or view it on Google Docs.

The 5th annual Research@ Intel Press/Analyst Day is Wednesday, June 20th. Much like a “science fair”, Research @ Intel is an informal, self-paced opportunity to get a glimpse at Intel’s research projects.

As in years past, Intel CTO Justin Rattner will start things off with a welcome, followed by a technical showcase with more than 50 projects that showcase Intel’s key research and development areas (energy efficiency, terascale, mobile tomorrow, exploratory research, and ethnography). The majority of the day will be open for you to roam through the showcase area and speak with some of Intel’s top researchers.

June 20th Research@Intel Day Schedule:

  • Where: Santa Clara 12 (SC12) 3600 Juliette Lane Santa Clara, CA
    (Event registration is in the main lobby entrance.)
  • When:June 20 from 9:15 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    (Registration opens at 8:15, Continental breakfast will be served.)
  • Schedule:
    • 8:15: Registration open, breakfast served
    • 9:15-9:50: Introduction and Welcome from Justin Rattner, Intel Senior Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Corporate Technology Group.
    • 10:00-2:00: Technology Showcase open: tour the demos, meet the researchers, and hear about projects
    • 12:00: Lunch served in lobby (demo showcase still open)
    • 12:30-12:45: General Q&A for all attendees, with Justin Rattner, Intel Senior Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Corporate Technology Group.

R&D Topics at Research@Intel Day:

  • Tera-scale Computing: Intel’s vision for Tera-scale in the future and the emerging mainstream applications that need it.
  • Building The Mobile Tomorrow: The complete breadth of the mobile research solution, from the CMOS implementation of a reconfigurable radio, the devices that would take advantage of these radios, the networks they connect to and the security of those networks
  • Energy Efficiency: Intel is researching a collection of technologies and architectural improvements that together will result in dramatically higher performance per watt for systems across market segments from small form factor to high performance servers
  • People Centered Innovations: this group of researchers will display how they are helping Intel to think critically about how people, practices, and institutions matter to technological innovation.
  • Exploratory Research: Long range research (think 8-10+ years out) showing the extensive scope of solutions focused on a vision of essential computing, from healthcare to gaming, and represent the work of several of the Intel Research Network of Labs at major universities, including Intel Berkeley (UC Berkeley), Intel Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon U.) and the Seattle Lab (U. of Washington).
  • Silicon Leadership: Intel’s Technology & Manufacturing Group will demonstrate and showcase results from its computational lithography research, as well as its research on the future of semiconductor scaling that could include the use of new materials, transistor structures and processes.

Special Invite-Only Roundtable – We are holding a small, invitation only roundtable on Intel’s Tera-scale research efforts. It is held from 12-1pm (lunch is provided), led Jerry Bautista, Technology Management Director at Intel, who will discuss specifically Emerging Applications. He will walk through Intel’s long term vision for Tera-scale, the future mainstream applications that will demand tera-scale performance, and the research efforts focused on helping solve the challenge programmers face for working with 10s to 100s of cores.


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