LOLFeeds can has automatic LOLCats

Came across this in one of my feeds, and it made me literally LOL (which hurt, because my muscles are still sore from throwing up when I was sick earlier this week). LOLFeeds takes a variety of feeds – news like CNN, BoingBoing, people’s Twitter feeds, or any RSS feed, and automagically combines them with pictures from the Cute Cat group on Flickr. The results are hilarious, sometimes non-sensical, sometimes sublime.

For example:

If you need a primer on the LOLCats phenomenon, see the Wikipedia article on it, I Can Has Cheezburger, LOLBots, or just read the internet for a while. Anil Dash of Six Apart also has a fascinating look at “kitty pidgin”, the language construct of LOLCats (it’s possible to get it wrong!). And if you don’t know why they’re funny, your funny might be broken. 😉