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Video: Hacking Intel and Web Services, presented in Second Life

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This video is about 40 minutes long, and weighs about 56MB. Quicktime format, 640×480. You can click to watch it, or right-click, save as this link to download it directly.

Intel Software Network web coding guru Kevin Pirkl goes by the name ZombieBob Zenovka in Second Life, and he recently gave a seminar/how-to on some web programming techniques – AJAX, JSON, etc. He also showed off the free sample web services that Intel makes available for you to include and use in your own site, like Comments, Voting, Email a Friend, and a Video Bar. Here’s a sample page with the code – view source to check it out.

I bet you didn’t know Intel offered those – pretty cool, huh?

There is audio from Kevin, and the people in the session participated via in world chat. Kevin shares lots of code samples and useful links, so this isn’t just a guy talking. Lots of web code goodies.

We think this was the best Second Life event that we’ve done so far, and we look forward to doing lots more like it. Check out the video, go play with the code and web services that Kevin covers, and let us know what you think! 🙂