10 Reasons iPhone Complainers are Full of Baloney

I just responded to Mark Vandewettering’s post over on brainwagon (which was in turn a response to this post on Gizmodo), talking about 10 things people complain about the iPhone lacking. Thought I’d repost my comment here, for further discussion.

  1. Not all iPod Accessories work – I’ve yet to run into an accessory that doesn’t work. That said, I only have charging/speaker accessories.
  2. AT&T is Evil – Yes, they are. But AT&T is no more or less evil than any other carrier (I’ve used them all). There’s nothing about their contract terms and plans for the iPhone that doesn’t also apply to every other phone they sell. Their unlimited iPhone data plan is half the price of what I was paying for 3G before, and it includes 200 text messages.
  3. No MMS, can’t record video – I have never once used MMS on any of my phones. Why would I, when I can email a better quality photo, and not get charged a quarter for the privilege? As for video, That’s what the Canon SD700 IS in my pocket is for. Shoots great 640×480 video for those spontaneous moments I want to capture.
  4. No Instant Messaging – As of a few hours ago, this isn’t a valid complaint anymore. started working on the iPhone today – they added a “Go” button. Works with all IM services (Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, etc.). Works wonderfully on your desktop browser, too.
  5. Not for business use – Neither is your iPod. I don’t care. The experience is too wonderful. My calendar and contacts sync just fine. And so what if I can’t access my work email via Exchange for a few more months? (Actually, I still carry my 8525 for that reason alone – mobile wifi access to my Intel email).
  6. It has no games – So what? There are web-based games popping up already. Chess. Whack-a-mole-Balmer. I bought one game for my iPod – Zuma. Played it a couple of times for novelty, then never touched it again. If I want to game, I pull my DS Lite out of my pocket and game (currently, that means Etrian Odyssey).
  7. It’s not a smartphone – I don’t understand this one. It’s BETTER than a smartphone. Better than any smartphone I’ve ever used, and I’ve used them all. I’m constantly stunned by full-sized websites that work (well!) that I never, ever
    expected to see working on a mobile device like this (Gmail, Flickr, Meebo, etc.).
  8. The EDGE data connection is slow – Yes, it is. This took me a while to get over. But I realized that I’m almost always swimming in WiFi – at home, at work, etc. And for the times when I’m not, EDGE isn’t that bad. I’ve been doing speed tests, and getting about 150-200Kbps. Not as good as the 800Kbps I used to get on 3G, but latency is lower, and it’s still usable.
  9. No GPS – GPS would be cool, but my previous phones didn’t have it, either, so I don’t feel like I’m giving anything up. Besides, how many phones are there that have real GPS (not the crappy pay-$5-a-month stuff the carriers offer)? One or two Nokias, and some rare Windows Mobile devices from HTC overseas. Again, great wish, but I can’t really hold this against the iPhone.
  10. No custom ringtones – These will come (and apparently, you’ll pay $0.99 for the privilege of converting a song you already have into a ringtone). And frankly, the standard iPhone ringtones are much, much better than hearing a tinny version of someone’s favorite MP3 as their ringtone. I’ve always preferred simple ringtones, and the iPhone ringtones are nice and elegant. This is Apple we’re talking about.

So what do you think? Am I the one that’s full of crap baloney? Drop me a comment, or post on your own blog and link back here. I’m not afraid to defend my position on these. 🙂


18 thoughts on “10 Reasons iPhone Complainers are Full of Baloney

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  5. I’ll preface this by saying I have a Blackjack which I like but I’m thinking of getting an HTC s710 unlocked instead of the iPhone. Not really for any of the reasons listed other than business. Glad to know Meebo is working now though. I already have an account on there.

    The main reason is that I went to the 5th Ave Cube in NYC and tried it. Check my flickr stream for pics of that adventure. Insane. Anyway.

    I could NOT type on it. I don’t mean the kind of mistakes that you know will go away once you get used to ti I mean I could not even touch it. I have long nails and they got in the way. I tried several different methods and I had to use the side of my knuckle in order for the touch to register. On my Blackjack I type entirely with my nails.

    I don’t blame Apple for this. However it is a big drawback for me.

    Also for me, my work Exchange is very important. So important I’d prefer the extra compatibility full WM 6 can give me rather than WS 5 on the Blackjack. I suppose in theory I could use my companies webmail but that isn’t push.

    I also have a personal preference to have an iPod I don’t need to worry about filling up and since I watch a lot of TV shows I need my 60gig.

    I don’t doubt it is a fine machine. If it was cheaper I’d just go for it but for that price I’d much rather get something that fits all my needs.

    Perhaps version 2 will be better.

  6. OK. So I am right there with you Mr Bancroft. I was adamant at not getting an iPhone for very similar reasons. That being said, I, too, got caught up in the hype and am happily enjoying this new found online freedom and interfacing that can only be afforded by the iPhone. With the exception of the Task list (that Windows Mobile had that I terribly miss on the iPhone, yes I know that online options exist, but it’s just not the same), it’s the best handheld communication device that I have ever used. Also, just like you, I am still walking around with my PDA while I await better options. I am finding myself charging this phone at least once a day (I am playing with it far too much), but that’s my fault.

    Also, thanks for the Meebo link. Now if it would only stop crashing Safari, I’d be alright.

  7. @MightySquid – Those are all valid reasons, and HTC makes some killer devices, no doubt. Lemme know how you like your s710!

    @Spencer, try (from 37 Signals, the Basecamp/Backpack/Highrise folks). The are fully iPhone compatible, and they rock. Definitely a contender to replace the conspicuously absent task list feature.

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  9. Richard D says:

    Josh you are not full of crap. I agree there ARE iPhone limitations but as you said there are solutions already or in the works. Try, and I am sure the list is larger. Yes, it would be nice to record video without having to pull another gadget out of your pocket. Gaming, I agree use a gaming device. We do need 3g no matter what WiFi is available. Most are things not mentioned. There needs to be many tweaks and enhancements to the apps already built in as in mail etc. Need all apps to go landscape especially mail for me. These things are fixable and will be with an Apple update over iTunes. Hope does not take too much time.

  10. Way to go, Josh! Awesome device this 8 gig iPhone. Nice analysis. I totally agree and that’s why I bought back a bunch of my Apple stock at $121 on Monday morning first thing. But that’s just money. We are talking a major, major fun device. Useful device. Blows all other cell phones out of the water as far as I can tell even in 1.0. I will look forward to your further discoveries as you find new things and just how you use it. All the details. It will be interesting to see how much you use your HTC AI.

  11. I made the decision to get new glass for my camera (I’m going on vacation soon) rather than the iPhone. I’ve watched your jorurney with interest. In fact, your journey impressed me because you came to it reluctantly and found that it WAS all that. So nothing will keep me from getting one in the Fall.

  12. I’m in at day two and remembered all of your anti-iphone then pro-iphone discussion, and then had yet to see your follow up. I’m completely enamored with my iphone at this point. Many gadgets are sort of one trick ponies that you keep showing people the same thing. The iPhone has many tricks and it just keeps going. I literally hand it to people and say, have fun. Usually by the end they say they want it. Piper Jaffray pumped their stock target to 200+ today. This phone is the reason. Would like to hear if your opinion has changed two weeks in.

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