Family Fun Day at the Beach!

Emma at the beach, originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

We took an impromptu trip to the Oregon Coast on Saturday, to play at the beach. We went to Ecola State Park, which is right next to Cannon Beach, my favorite place on the coast. The park was beautiful – several miles of roads and trails in dense, old growth forest. Almost eerie – I felt like I was in a Tolkien story or something.

The beach we went to was called Indian beach. It was a short hike from the parking area, which kicked my butt considering all the stuff I was carrying (chairs, umbrella, bags, etc.). But the beach was very nice – tons of surfers! I think we were the only ones there that weren’t surfing, playing in the water, or otherwise making use of a wetsuit. πŸ™‚

Emma played and played and played – I don’t think she stopped for a second. She found every hole on the beach and buried herself in it, then made a few of her own. For some reason, though, she was acting terrified of the water. I think she was just being silly – she’s played in the water before.

Gabe absolutely loved the sand. Eating it, crawling in it, finding treasures (shells, wood, feathers, seaweed, etc.). All of it went into his mouth at some point. He would crawl around on the sand with surprising speed – like a little sea turtle, leaving his funny looking tracks behind him.

We played all day until we were exhausted, then drove home the “scenic route” up through Astoria, Oregon (famous home of “The Goonies” and “Kindergarten Cop”!). We stopped for dinner at Pig’n Pancake, an Oregon Coast institution, and then enjoyed the drive back to Portland down Highway 30. Speaking of which, what is it with towns in Oregon named after mountains in Washington (Ranier and St. Helens, I’m looking at you!).

For some reason, I love driving by the decommissioned Trojan nuclear power plant on Hwy 30. They demolished the cooling tower last year, but the plant is still there. There’s a huge park on the plant grounds – Rachel says they used to have family reunions there every year, in the shadow of the cooling tower. That’s kind of creepy. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Family Fun Day at the Beach!

  1. Mike says:

    Cute Josh, glad the family had a great time at the Oregon coast.

    Just a father-to-father word of caution: I see nice photos of Emma on a moderately regular basis here on your blog. Don’t forget to get pix of Gabe’s first years. My second child, daughter of 16, constantly reminds me of the paucity of pix from her first 3-4 years. She compares herself to her older brother, who was photographed doing absolutely everything–yes EVERYTHING! πŸ˜‰

    Had a great time and learned a lot at the Portland Blogger Dinner. Thanks for making that happen and hooking up with Jive.

  2. Oregon beyond Portland sounds so nice! I hope that the next time I come out to visit I’ll be able to trek out to the coast.

    Ah yes, those days of young children and the simplicity of summer family fun, on beaches and elsewhere! I remember those days fondly. Cherish these moments!

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