New “Reduce Noise” Feature in iPhoto ’08

I was processing some photos this morning in my brand new copy of iPhoto ’08, and I noticed a new feature in the “Adjust” pane of the photo editor: “Reduce Noise”

It’s a slider that reduces the apparent “noise” or graininess in an image. This is prevalent in images taken at a high ISO setting, which is most of the shots I take in low light on my Canon SD700 IS.

Previously, you had to use a 3rd party tool to perform noise reduction on your photos. This feature wasn’t available in iPhoto 6, the previous version.

I’m quite happy to have this new feature – I’m already using it, and my pictures look better because of it. Thanks, Apple! 🙂


One thought on “New “Reduce Noise” Feature in iPhoto ’08

  1. Nice! I’ll definitely be using that one once I do the upgrade.

    I have to admit, between a needed RAM upgrade, Leopard, and iLife 08, apple’s going to get more money out of me in the first year of mac-dom than Microsoft ever did.

    I’m still not quite sure how I feel about that, but I love these applications and they make my life easy!

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