Apps installed on my iPhone, as of 9/11/07

Apps installed on my iPhone, 9/11/07 – gateway drug to the world of iPhone apps
Finder – browse the iPhone’s filesystem
Terminal – command line
Sketches – draw in ink with your finger, on photos, shake to erase
MobileTwitteriffic – Craig Hockenberry’s baby
FiveDice (Yahtzee clone)
Preview – Image/PDF viewer plugin for Finder
Lights Off – game
ibrate – toggle the vibrate motor
Balls – roll a ball in a maze via the accelerometers
Colloquy – awesome IRC client
iSaber – swing your iPhone around and make light saber noises! (like MacSaber)
SendPics – send full size photos with EXIF data via email
SMBPrefs – preferences for the latest version of SummerBoard, the homescreen
Stumbler – scan for details of 802.11b/g networks


6 thoughts on “Apps installed on my iPhone, as of 9/11/07

  1. John Lloyd says:

    awesome! thanks for the list and links. i am assuming that the iphone must be unlocked or activated on att’s network before the can be installed?

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  3. @Michael – I use to manage what apps are installed/uninstalled. As far as controlling how the icons are displayed (order, etc.) I use a combination of SummerBoard and rSBT.

  4. @Spencer – OMG you mean that if I unlock my iPhone, void my warranty, install 3rd party software, and bring it into an Apple store running a T-Mobile SIM card, they’ll refuse to replace/fix/support it? Bastages! 😉

    You know, I took the engine out of my Subaru and put a Toyota engine in it. WIth lots of experimental mods on it. And I took it to my Subaru dealer, and they wouldn’t fix it under warranty! I’ve been blacklisted! :-O

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