I needed a haircut

I cut my own hair (clippers with a #1 guard attachment). It was getting to be time for a haircut.

Before (after a weekend of camping, haven’t shaved for a week):

After (taken a few minutes ago):


4 thoughts on “I needed a haircut

  1. David Keppler says:

    Err, just what has this got to do with Tiny Screens?
    Josh. I have great admiration for you and really enjoyed your Podcast when you did them, but this is the final straw. I wish you, and your family well, but i’m outta here…..

  2. I’m sorry you feel that way, David. You’ll be missed, but if what I write isn’t interesting to you, then don’t waste your time reading it.

    This is my blog – I write about technical topics that I’m interested in – mobile devices, social interaction on the web, etc., but this blog is also written by a human, and I share the human parts of my life, too (pictures of my kids, etc.).

    I don’t believe there’s a perfect balance of technical and personal content that will please everyone 100% of the time, so I don’t bother. I just write what I feel like, and hope that it will be worthwhile to the people who are reading.

  3. I cut my own hair too. Shaved it all off with a #1 on Friday. I try to see how I look with a mohawk before cutting off the rest. Or going the opposite and doing the old school samurai style. I think you should do the same next time and take pics for our enjoyment.

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