7 thoughts on “I’m 100% addicted to blogging

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  3. Charles says:

    Is that affecting your job in any way? For instance, the other day you had a bunch of websites and Twitter all going at 10 am, what in theory are work hours.

  4. @Charles – no, part of my job is being a blog evangelist, and training/teaching people how to use these new technologies, as well as finding new ways for our group (Intel Software Network) to use them. It’s not like I’m doing nothing but blogging/tweeting all day. It’s just part of my communication routine, like reading and answering email. Just happens to be a lot more public and visible.

    I guess you could ask my boss what he thinks about it – his blog is http://billandkaren.net/blog, and he’s on Twitter at http://twitter.com/billpearson. (point being, I know he reads/sees everything I do 🙂 )

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