Intel Jones Farm Evacuation

Intel Jones Farm Evacuation, originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

We had what I guess was an evacuation drill at Intel Jones Farm Campus a few minutes ago.

I was working in the cafeteria when the loud beeping siren went off, and the security staff came over the PA system saying “All Personnel. Evacuate Jones Farm Campus Immediately”. Everyone just kind of rolled their eyes and got ready to go outside – they do these evacuation drills at least once a year. But we never know if it’s a drill or there’s something real going on, and they never tell us, so we dutifully sheep outside. Yes, I just used “sheep” as a verb.

If I remember correctly, they usually do these evac drills one building at a time (there are 5 main buildings at JF, with other misc. stuff like the conference center, etc.). This is the first time I recall all buildings being evacuated at once. So there we were – all 8000 or so Intel JF employees, standing out in the parking lot. I bet the people who measure an employees value by how many productive hours they can squeeze out of them were freaking out at how much “money” it was costing to have that many of us just standing around. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least it was nice weather – kind of cool, but sunny.

Outside, I snapped this picture. I had no wifi, of course, but surprisingly, I also had no EDGE access on my iPhone. My guess is that a very large percentage of the 8000 people standing there were trying to do the same thing I was, and that we had a local overload of thousands of BlackBerries, Treos, iPhones, and other devices trying to get EDGE access on the same tower. Poof! ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t have SMS working with my jabancroft Twitter account, so my other options for posting to Twitter with the “news” were Jott (which worked great, except for a transcription error) and a Twittergram (which never showed up on Twitter). Score: Jott 1, Twittergram 0. And I’m reconnecting my SMS to Twitter in case that ever happens again (no EDGE or WiFi).

Once we came back inside, this photo I snapped uploaded via email, once I got back on the wifi, and I’m writing this post.

Another exciting day at Intel! ๐Ÿ™‚