iPhone Early Adopter Tax = $200 (or $3/day). Get it back with Credit Card Price Protection

Among all the iPod announcements made today, Apple also announced a price drop for the iPhone. The 8GB model is now $200 cheaper, at $399. Great news for people who want to buy one, but a kick in the teeth to all the poor saps (like me!) who paid $600 for one 67 days ago or less.

People on the web are already starting to clamor for some kind of gesture of relief/acknowledgement from Apple. A free iPod Nano (even one of the old ones, to clear out inventory)? An iTunes gift card? A Shuffle? “We’re Sorry”? Anything?

I don’t think it’s likely that Apple will do anything at all for the suckers people who paid the Early Adopter Tax. But they’d garner a WHOLE bunch of good will and loyalty and PR if they did.

If you’re one of the victims of this, check the terms of the debit/credit card you used to buy your iPhone. Many offer “price protection”, for exactly these situations. For instance, my MasterCard offers 60 days of price drop protection. You can file a claim, showing the new lower price compared to what you paid, and they’ll send you a check for the difference. But this might only work if you DIDN’T buy it on launch day (June 29). If you did, you’ll be sad to note that it’s been 67 days since then. Too late.

But, if you’re lucky enough to have this policy on your card, and you waited a week or more to buy your 8GB iPhone (or you have longer than 60 days protection), go file a claim and get some of your Early Adopter Tax back.

Just don’t count on anything from Apple to make up for it.


30 thoughts on “iPhone Early Adopter Tax = $200 (or $3/day). Get it back with Credit Card Price Protection

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  7. Rebecca says:

    No one is a victim of buying the IPhone when it came out. You all fell for the marketing. I truly hope that the credit card company’s out there do not feel one iota sorry for any of you and give you refunds on an already used product. You made an educated purchase. Now you are calling yourself a victim, though, I am sure theoretically, it is still wrong. You have used the product. Come on, get real. Purchase made. Maybe impulsively on your part. You had to know that Apple was going to come out with a newer, better version and the price was going to drop. You are just acting out as the spoiler, because you are not in the position to take advantage of it. I guess the adage of to the winner go the spoils does not apply to you, does it?

    Sorry, but this post about being a victim at the hands of big old meanie Apple just does not ring true to me. Apple did not victimize you. Quit being so dramatic.

    Off my soapbox.

  8. you’re a sucker, plain and simple. deserve to lose every penny for falling for the “got to have this crap before anyone else” gimmick. suck it up, whiner.

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  10. Justin says:

    Im totally with you. I knew that there would be a better version. I knew there would be a cheaper version. What I felt safe in assuming is that this wouldn’t happen 67 days after launch. Is this the sad fact of capitalism – probably. But in the end Apple gouged the very people who made this a successful product.

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  12. Eric says:

    I bought my iPhone on July 7th. Sixty days is exactly today (9/5).

    My credit card company told me I have to find a printed ad or “store circular” with
    a publication date within the 60-day window. Wish me luck finding one of those.
    Nice going Apple!

  13. Michael says:

    At the very least, Apple just made its most loyal customers out to be fools to their friends and family who were enthusiastically shown Apple’s newest product to. Everyone’s going to be saying “damn, I heard you got ganked by Apple”.

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  15. Patrick says:

    I also was a “victim” and by no means do I want anybody to feel sorry for me for my choice, but I can still be very angry with Apple. I was “Apple-Free” for the past 20 years (since I had a IIC in college). I bought an iPod last year, and then an Apple TV. When the iPhone came out I couldn’t resist, even knowing it was first generation and someday the price would go down (like it does with all new technology).
    What I didn’t expect was it to go down so far (33%) so fast (I’ve had mine for a little more than a month). Apple is simply spitting in the face of the people who helped make the iPhone a success (or at least desirable). Some of the people who now buy this at $399 will be the people we early adopters enticed with our new toy. I do feel a bit used, and have a very bitter taste in my mouth from this Apple… looks like the Mac Book purchase will wait until I forget about this experience (could be a long time) or until Apple makes some gesture to help me forget.

  16. Lodewijk says:

    Hahahahahahaha, Pech gehabt, was?, you all fancy weirdos who think you have to have the state-of-the-art electronic crap and can pay $600 got what you deserve…

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  18. you’ll be even more surprised when the IPhone hits Europe with 3G connectivity and probably for even less than what you paid for with a mafioso contract at ATT… I strongly believe they will not tie it to a contract even because that’d be the grave for this phone in Europe…

  19. Bastian says:

    What exactly is your problem? At the time of buying, you decided that the iPhone was worth the $600 it had cost then. The price drop now should have no influence on that. If anything, you should be happy that now more people will buy the phone, so there are more people you potentially can use any advanced features of the iPhone with.

    But of course, that line of reasoning applies only if your decisions are rational, which in the case of Apple products, probably is not the case very often…

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