iTunes WiFi Music Store – what about podcasts?

Dave Winer has been calling for a podcast player that has the ability to add/remove and update podcast subscriptions directly from the internet over wifi for a while now. With today’s announcement of the iTunes WiFi Music Store, and the ability to browse and buy music directly over the internet from an iPhone or iPod Touch, we’re one step closer to that.

In fact, unless they deliberately remove/restrict the Podcasts section of iTMS from the WiFi store, we should be able to browse and subscribe to podcasts directly on the device. Wouldn’t that be nice.

I’m not counting on it, but it would be a nice feature. I guess we’ll see when the iPhone software update and/or the iPod Touch hit the streets.


2 thoughts on “iTunes WiFi Music Store – what about podcasts?

  1. Tapan says:

    It has been a year since this was posted. Has the situation changed? Does the iTunes 8 allow one to download podcasts directly on the second generation ipod touch?

  2. Nope! In fact, there’s been a big fracas around an app that someone wrote for the App Store, called Podcaster, that does exactly this – lets you subscribe to and download podcasts directly to the iPhone/iPod Touch. Apple rejected it, saying it “duplicates functionality already in iTunes”. So, Apple seems pretty adamant about not ever letting this happen. I have no idea why.

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