Photos: Played with the new iPod Nano and Classic Today

Today I went to the Apple Store at Pioneer Place Mall in Portland, to see the new iPods. They had the new Nanos, Shuffles, and Classics on display (no iPod Touch, but that’s not going to be out for a few weeks).

3G iPod Nano 8GB

The new Nano is really an amazing piece of gadgetry. It’s quite thin, and feels almost elemental in your hand, like it’s a solid piece of something. The screen is great, and the new UI is pretty cool, too.
3G iPod Nano 8GB

Several people purchased Nanos while I was there, and almost everyone I heard passing by the Apple Store (I sat on a bench outside for a while, working on some things and availing myself of their wifi) said “hey, let’s go see the new iPods!”

The Nano is super thin, even compared to my 11.6mm thick iPhone:

3G iPod Nano, iPhone

I also checked out the 80GB iPod Classics they had on display. These seemed just like larger versions of the Nano, which is kind of weird (given that the Nano was originally a smaller version of the iPod – the Nano seems to be the dominant one of the family, now). Nothing really special about them, except for the matte metal finish (no fingerprints). I took a few photos:
iPod Classic 80GB

And, lastly, they had the new Shuffles. There’s not much about them except the new colors, so, only one picture of them.
iPod Shuffles, New Colors

Strangely, they didn’t have any of the PRODUCT(RED) Shuffles or Nanos on display. Probably just not in stock yet. Expect that one to be a little more exclusive, and honestly, I think both the Nano and the Shuffle look great in red.

You can see the rest of the iPod photos I took today here on Flickr, and I also shot a 3 minute video of the new OS/interface on the Nano (which it shares with the Classic), including Cover Flow, playing a game, and watching video. I’ll post that soon.


5 thoughts on “Photos: Played with the new iPod Nano and Classic Today

  1. Mike says:

    I think the new iPods look great and have a really nice form factor. But I am mad at Apple since my iPod Shuffle (2G) no longer syncs with my laptop (WinOS). I’ve moved back to my Creative Zen and I am thinking about a new Sansa Clip of Creative Stone (cheaper and more compatible than the Shuffle). I only use the Shuffle for podcasts and a few songs while I work in the yard, commute or backpack (mp3 players make the long spring and autumn nights go a bit faster, nothing worse than getting in the sleeping bag at 8:00 pm dark and laying there until 7:00 am light trying to get some sleep while bored out of your mind).

  2. Hi, Josh. Nice set of pics! I haven’t yet gone to the Apple Store to see the new iPods myself, but I think they all look nice. I ordered the touch, and I’m very tempted to buy the purple shuffle, since purple is my favorite color. 🙂 I think it’s great that the nanos have a larger screen and video capabilities now; that was something I wished my 1st-gen nano supported, so I could watch video podcasts. The new line up of iPods is a strong offering for this year. Nice to know that Apple’s still catering to the users who didn’t buy iPhones. 🙂 Can’t wait for the iPod touch to arrive in the mail!

  3. RC says:

    The red nano is a RED Product-which means that some of the proceeds will go to help treat AIDS/HIV in Africa. It will be much more exclusive. You will only be able to get it at official Apple retail stores and online at the Apple store.

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