Really nice Google Reader theme – make it look like Mac OS X

I tried to install this a long time ago, but never got the Stylish Firefox addon to work. Now there’s a new version, that accommodates the recently added Search feature in Google Reader. So, I gave it another try, and I REALLY like it:

Google Reader Theme Screenshot

You can get the theme here, and it seems that you can install it without Stylish if you’re using Greasemonkey (see details at here). It’s just forcing replacement of the CSS stylesheet.

Give it a shot, and let me know if you like it!


6 thoughts on “Really nice Google Reader theme – make it look like Mac OS X

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  2. Josh,
    I found this yesterday in a Twitter post by Steve Rubel and installed it too! I agree, this really brings an easier to use view of one of my most used web-apps. Works great!


  3. Hah, I read this post in NetNewsWire and the screenie looks almost exactly the same as my app window did (with the exception of my list of posts within each feed).

  4. Wow, thanks for the post. Now my greader fits in really nicely with the rest of my window-blinds osx themed pc. It’s a real pleasure to use as well. I do like google designs, but I love apple!

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