The Power of Voice – Apple gives $100 credit to early iPhone adopters

There was so much backlash about the iPhone “Early Adopter Tax” in the last 24 hours that Steve Jobs has posted an open letter to people who bought iPhones for the full $600 price, promising to deliver $100 in Apple Store credit to make up for the price drop so soon after the launch.

Beth Goza wanted an iPod Nano to make up for it, but hey, this will get her two thirds of the way to a 4GB Nano, or halfway to an 8GB model.

Eric Rice is going to put his $100 credit towards getting his wife an 8GB iPhone for only $299. Great idea.

Scoble says he’d pass on his family’s $300 worth of credit if only Apple would release an iPhone/iPod Touch SDK so people could write applications (more easily). Noble, but not going to happen for a long time, IMO.

Dave Winer wanted a t-shirt or a mug or something to commemorate the fact that we were early adopters (Fake Steve Jobs has his own idea for how to show you were an early adopter, and his own idea for a t-shirt):


As for me, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my $100 Apple store credit yet. But I do know that this is a great example of the fact that we all have a voice that big businesses like Apple have to listen to when we use it. Apple is the most arrogant company around (just yesterday, Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “that’s the way technology works”). It sounds trite and corny, but dangit, it’s true.

This time, even Apple seems a little taken aback at the fury of the bloggers, press, and pretty much anyone who wanted to express themselves on the issue. The most arrogant company in the world changed course in under 24 hours. The world changed a little today.