Video: Tour of the 3G iPod Nano software and interface

Here’s the video I promised of me playing around with the new 3rd generation iPod Nano – the “fatty” – that can play video and games. It was shot at the Pioneer Place Mall Apple Store in Portland, on my trusty Canon SD700 IS camera. It’s 640×480, about 3 minutes long, and weighs about 34 MB. There’s ambient sound from the Apple Store, but I don’t do any talking, so feel free to watch it with the audio turned off. Also, this is the first movie I edited completely in iMovie ’08, which was pretty slick (I’m used to iMovie 6 HD). That’s probably worth a blog post in and of itself. Later.

You can download the MP4 video file directly at this link. Hint: if you’re on an iPhone, click that link to begin streaming/watching the video right on your iPhone. Pretty slick, huh? 😉

In the video, I go over the new Cover Flow interface, play the “Vortex” game for a little bit, play some video, and generally poke around at some of the other settings. This new software interface is shared by the new iPod Classic hard drive based devices, and theoretically, could be added to existing 5G iPod Videos via a software update, though it’s unlikely Apple will do that IMO.

So have a watch, and leave a comment to let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. Enjoy! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Video: Tour of the 3G iPod Nano software and interface

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  2. Rebecca says:

    I got my IPod Classic yesterday, have had a great time loading it and seeing what it can do. Still have more than half my space left, how cool is that! Now to find a case for it to keep the aluminum from scratching! I do love the new features, and putting pictures on it is making it better for me than my home photo album!

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