Was the iPod Touch codenamed “Hero”?

Maybe it was. In a rare glimpse inside what Apple uses for codenames for their unreleased products, I noticed this image name on the iPod Touch page on


Hero, huh? That sounds about right. Can anyone at Cupertino or elsewhere confirm this?

EDIT: I guess I’m wrong. Clint and Adam corrected me in the comments, explaining that these big, prominent product photos on the Apple site have been called “hero shots” for a long time. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for keeping me honest, guys! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Was the iPod Touch codenamed “Hero”?

  1. Rebecca says:

    I didn’t get the Touch. I got the Classic. It will be here in 3-5 business days! And a discount to boot! Can’t beat a deal!

  2. Clint beat me to it, but yes, he’s correct. Apple’s three quarter view shots are generally referred to as “hero” shots. I noticed it back when I used to create Apple product brochures for my college’s bookstore. You can get high resolution images from Apple’s PR site, and some of them will be referred to as a “hero” shot.

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