Wilkommen readers from Spiegel Online

I noticed a trackback from on my “iPhone Early Adopter Tax” post, and a subsequent flow of visitors, comments, and more trackbacks.

So, ich sage wilkommen zu meinen Deutsch sprechen visitors. Apologies for the crappy German – it’s been 10+ years since I studied German, and have learned a couple of other languages since then, which seems to have crowded my German speaking ability out of my brain. 🙂

Also sage ich meiner deutschsprechender Besucher “Wilkommen”!

(Thanks to Ioannus de Verani for helping me with the translation! 🙂 )

Oder, Also sage Ich “Herzlich Willkommen!” zu meinen Deutsch sprechenden Besuchern.

(Thanks to Armin for that one).

Whichever one is correct, welcome to any German-speaking readers who got here from the Spiegel article. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wilkommen readers from Spiegel Online

  1. Shame on you, forgetting the beautiful German language with such nice words as Schadenfreude… 😉

    I read the article and noticed your name. Was just about to send you a mail when I saw this entry that you’ve already found out about it. International fame beckons.

  2. I am not a German native speaker, but I think that the correct sentence would be:

    Also sage ich meiner deutschsprechender Besucher “Wilkommen”.

    Or, you could say: Also wilkomme ich meine deutschsprechende Besucher.

    The difference is that in the one you are saying “welcome” to them, and in the other, you are welcoming them. The difference in case ending for “mein-” and “deutschsprechend-” is that the one uses the dative (I say *to* you) and the other uses the accusative (I welcome you). The “zu” is not needed.

    Ioannus de Verani

  3. Sorry guys, still wrong. Let a true native speaker try to help you then:

    Also sage Ich “Herzlich Willkommen!” zu meinen Deutsch sprechenden Besuchern.

    And even that might have the odd spelling (or grammar) mistake in it. Believe it or not, even as a native speaker you can start beginning to forget your mother tongue if you don’t use it much every day. Not to forget that there has been a “Rechtschreibreform” since I left and I have no idea of the new rules.

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