5 thoughts on “Kombucha

  1. Matt Davis says:

    Oy- I’ve accidentally grown that at home when I leave a half-empty can of Coke around for a couple of weeks. People pay for that? Heck, I’ll be rich!

  2. The question is, did you like it?

    My wife and I make it at home, we have one of those jars from the wikipedia page sitting on the fridge right now. 🙂

    Home brew is less sweet and not as fizzy as the store-bought stuff….

  3. @Bill and @Jeremy – you give me too much credit. I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t drink the stuff. The smell and the TEXTURE (you could SEE the culture thing slithering around inside!) were WAY too much for me.

    Call me a culinary chicken, I guess. 😉

  4. garlicgirl says:

    Kombucha is abit hard to take a first….esp. the slimey stuff in the container…but I have found after several months of drinking it, I crave it…it rejuvinates for sure…

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