Captain Beverly Picard?! WTF?

Captain Beverly Picard?! WTF?

The fine print on the back explains that she was in “All Good Things”, the ST:TNG series finale. I had forgotten that – talk about obscure! I bet this figure will be valuable one day. I should have bought it. Sorry the iPhone cam photo is so blurry.


2 thoughts on “Captain Beverly Picard?! WTF?

  1. Too bad it wasn’t Wil‘s Hot Space Mom.

    What store did you see this at? Trek toys are really hard to come by lately, since Trek hasn’t been too popular. My girlfriend would probably love me even more if I found her some DS9 stuff.

  2. This was in a Suncoast Motion Picture Company video store in the Valley River Mall in Eugene, Oregon. I’ve also seen this brand of TNG figures in Hastings (book/video) stores. Either of these might have them available on their respective websites. Good luck! 🙂

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