Puzzle Quest for Nintendo DS at Target for $14.99

This is an awesome game – one of the best on the DS. I loved it – it’s one part old school dragon fighting RPG, one part Bejeweled. It was hard to find when it came out, and it will probably never come around again. So if you don’t have a copy, or you know someone with a DS that doesn’t have it, check out your local Target store and snag it. It was in the front of the store, among a bunch of other Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games all discounted to $14.99, presumably to be half price impulse purchases for holiday shoppers. I checked on their website, and they don’t even sell it there, so it’s probably discontinued. Even more reason to keep an eye out for a copy.

Those clearance racks are often filled with junk games, but I always glance through them, because once in a while I find something good like this. I wish you luck!