Apple updates hammering Google, or are they just being sensitive?

Teh Google is Borken, originally uploaded by Josh Bancroft.

All of a sudden in my house, we’re getting this error on every Google query, from different browsers, on different computers. No viruses here, so, WTH, Google?

We were out running errands all day, and only got online tonight. The two computers where we’re seeing the problem are an iMac running OS X Tiger, and my MBP running Leopard. Both recently had Software Updates installed from Apple, and Scott Beale of Laughing Squid says on Twitter that he’s noticed the same thing after installing the latest updates.

Is something in one of the new Apple updates hitting Google too hard, or are their Denial of Service attack defenses just being a little too sensitive?

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Update: Adam Nelson mentioned in the comments that he’s using OpenDNSthread over at Mashable, where people are reporting in on the issue.


2 thoughts on “Apple updates hammering Google, or are they just being sensitive?

  1. I’ve been seeing this problem too today with Safari. I haven’t installed today’s security update, but beyond that, I have them all. I thought it was related to my DNS server, as I was using OpenDNS this weekend and forgot to turn it off. Once I switched back to my normal DNS servers, things seemed to return to normal.

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