Christmas Pictures!

Update: I’ve uploaded the rest of the pictures I had, up through us opening presents on Christmas morning. 89 photos total in the set now. Tons of cute shots of Emma and Gabe. Enjoy! 🙂

I’ve been taking a ton of photos this Christmas season. They’re all available for your enjoyment in this photoset on Flickr, my favorite photo sharing service. Remember that you can click on the “All Sizes” button on each photograph to see a bigger version, up to and including the original size.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was awesome. Hung around in our pajamas all day, played with new toys, ate whatever we wanted, and generally enjoyed the heck out of the day. I’m sad that Christmas doesn’t come again for a whole year!

Here’s a rotating slideshow of all the photos in that set. There’s close to 60 already, and that only includes the ones I’ve processed and uploaded so far (up to and including Christmas Eve). So the set is going to get bigger.

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