New Google iPhone Interface – Tabbed, Unified, and Fast

I noticed today that Google has rolled out yet another improvement to the iPhone version of Google Mobile. It has become very, very nice. I use Google Reader on my iPhone dozens of times per day (literally), as well as Google Calendar, etc. I use IMAP for email, but I use the iPhone web version every time I need to search for something in my mail.Anyway, the improvements are nice, and give you quick and easy access to the main Google applications – Search, Gmail, Calendar, and Reader. Switching between the apps doesn’t cause a new page to load – it’s done via AJAX, like the iPhone version of Facebook. And the switches from one page to another are FAST. Even over a slow EDGE connection. Each “tab” has a second row of “tabs” that provide quick links to relevant items (“Today” on Calendar, “All Items/Feeds/Tags” on Reader, etc.).Very impressive, and for people like me who use lots of Google apps, this is an almost perfect portal/start page for iPhone users. Here are some photos (since there’s no way to do real screenshots on an unjailbroken iPhone):Google Mobile for iPhone Interface – Search

Google iPhone Interface - Home

Google Mobile for iPhone Interface – Calendar

Google iPhone Interface - Calendar

Google Mobile for iPhone Interface – Reader

Google iPhone Interface - Reader

Google Mobile for iPhone Interface – More (access to other Google Mobile products, like News, Blogger, Picasa Web (Photos), Blogger, and Google Notebook)

Google iPhone Interface - More


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