Preliminary Ultimate Bumblebee Photos

I’ve been a Transformers fan since I was little, and I have to admit that the new movie and toy line has sparked a resurgence of that fandom, and stimulated the toy collector parts of my brain. Every time I go to a store that might stock Transformers, I have to check and see what they have, looking for good additions to my collection. I’m kind of picky – I generally avoid any characters that weren’t in the movie (there are a lot of them), unless there’s something special about them (like Arcee, one of the only female Transformers).

Anyway, here are a couple of quick shots of one of the coolest gifts I received on Christmas day – Ultimate Bumblebee. He stands about 14 inches tall as a robot. I’ll have more (and better) photos, and probably some video soon.

Transformers Ultimate Bumblebee
Me and Ultimate Bumblebee
Ultimate Bumblebee in Car Mode