Tonight, we Ignite Portland. Again.

The last few days have been filled with anticipation, and tonight is the big night. No, not “Super Tuesday”. Not even “Fat Tuesday”. It’s “Ignite Portland 2sday“. 😉

Response has been almost overwhelming – there are almost 600 people on Upcoming who’ve said “I’m coming” (it’s the 2nd most popular event on Upcoming right now, behind only SXSW), and I’m sure we’ll get a bunch more from people who read the article in last Saturday’s Oregonian, or heard about it on the radio yesterday. The Bagdad can seat 580 people, and hold 700+ “standing room only”, and I have the feeling we’re going to fill the place.

Everything’s in place, and ready to go. I just posted over on on how to tag the media you make at the event, and how to participate if you can’t be there in person (video stream, Twitter, etc.). I’m heading over to the Bagdad early this afternoon to help get set up, but once it kicks off, I hope to be able to kick back and enjoy the event. A huge thanks goes out to my fellow Ignite Portland organizers for all the work they’ve put in to making this happen. And all the volunteers, too – you guys rock hard! 🙂


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