Microposts from Twitter on 2008-03-06

  • @turoczy what gate? I’m at wendy’s in the C concourse, catching up on Apple event tweets. :-) #
  • Lokling around, expecting to run into @turoczy at any minute here at the airport. We may be on the same flight. :-) #
  • @billpearson Gate C17. Saw you’re headed to Utah – going to that thing Jeff is at? #
  • Bummer. @turoczy was on the other side of the airport. See you in Austin, Rick! :-) #
  • Waitaminit – Spore for the iPhone? Yes please! :-) #
  • On the ground at PHX, waiting about an hour for my flight to AUS. Yay for free wifi! :-) #
  • @divadanese I don’t know Annalee, but if I’m free on Sat. night I’d be happy to record her. Doing what? #
  • @annaleen @divadanese Your recording options: audio, HD video, or both. :-) #
  • Kinda glad I’m travelling today, or I’d be driving myself crazy trying to d/l the iPhone SDK like you guys. :-) #
  • Great. My flight to Austin is delayed. And oversold. :-( #
  • Got an amazing view of Mt. Hood flying out of PDX. I grabbed some HD video and stills with the Aiptek. Bummed my D40 was stowed… #
  • Boarding now. Catch you in Austin! :-) #
  • Landed in Austin. #
  • It snowed in Dallas today? These texans are freaked out. All they can talk about. I’m not afraid of snow/cold! 😉 #
  • In the hotel room (Hilton). Settling in. I’m beat, and only kinda hungry. Debating venturing out for food. #
  • @AndruEdwards Oh, there will be BBQ this week. Lots and lots of BBQ. But I’m not up for it tonight. :-) #

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