Unfortunate Acoustics

Unfortunate Acoustics

In the new Intel “Workplace of the Future” in JF1, where my team has been living for a week, we discovered an unfortunate property of the acoustics near the kitchen/free-soda-and-coffee-area. The wall between the kitchen and our cubes doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling. And that open space creates some kind of magical acoustic baffle that lets even quiet, whispered conversations carry perfectly into our cubes. We can hear everything everyone over there says, as if they were standing in our cube.

We joked about putting up signs that say “We can hear every word you’re saying.” Personally, I’d prefer taking over the flatpanel TV hanging on the other side of the wall, and typing interactively in a very large font to the people on the other side (“Oh, I hate when that happens too! But what do you think of her hat?”)

I’m not sure who finally went through with actually printing up and posting this sign, but I giggled when I saw it this morning, and knew immediately that I must 1) take a photo, 2) post it to Flickr, and 3) submit it to 🙂


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