Video: Podcasting in Plain English

Nobody explains concepts like blogs, wikis, Twitter, RSS, photo sharing, and the like in “plain english” better than Lee LeFever and the gang at Common Craft. I can’t recommend their videos highly enough, and I use them ALL THE TIME to teach people about this “social media” stuff that we do.

Lee and crew have done it again with their latest video, “Podcasting in Plain English“.

Stop what you’re doing and watch it now.

Then share it with anyone to whom you’ve ever tried or wanted to explain what podcasting is. Rinse and repeat for any of the awesome videos at Common Craft.

If you want to receive the occasional video and audio podcasts that I do here on TinyScreenfuls, then make sure you’re subscribed to the TinyPodcast feed. I first started podcasting in 2005, but it’s become kind of sporadic lately. I’ve got big plans for the show, and my show on Intel Software Network, called Bit Stories, this year! Subscribe now if you’re interested, and automatically get the shows as they appear.

Thank you, Lee and Common Craft, for providing such a useful resource for us! 🙂


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