Come See my Amazon Kindle in Portland Today

I’m going to be showing off my Kindle in downtown Portland today. I noticed on the Kindle site that they set up a “See a Kindle in your City” forum, where people can volunteer to show off their Kindle. It’s a brilliant idea – I end up doing a public demo of my Kindle almost every time I pull it out in public, and I love to talk about it. Most Kindle owners are natural evangelists, and the Kindle is the type of device that you almost have to see and put hands on to really “get” it. Absolute genius on Amazon’s part, facilitating these “show and tell” meetups.

Here’s my thread in the “See a Kindle in your city” forum, with the details: I’m going to be at Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland at 2:00 PM today (May 29, 2008). I’ll be in the little atrium at the bottom of the escalators, near the Apple Store and the Gap. Look for the orange Crocs. 🙂

If you come to the meetup, or otherwise decide now is the time to buy a Kindle (they’re in stock, and just got a 10% price drop, down to $359), I’d appreciate it if you use this Amazon affiliate link. I get a small percentage from Amazon, which goes to help pay for all of the dang Kindle books I find myself buying and reading these days. 😉

For some background, here’s my video “unboxing” and initial impressions post, a post I wrote about why I think ebooks are a great entertainment value, and a really old post I wrote as a rebuttal to Kindle critics. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions on any of that – like I said, I love to talk about my Kindle!


2 thoughts on “Come See my Amazon Kindle in Portland Today

  1. bubbamike says:

    I wish I could have come down to Portland to see it. If you bring it up to Seattle I’d love to see it. I’m so overwhelmed with books that it is really tempting.

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