Today’s your last chance to submit Ignite Portland 3 presentation ideas

Holy cow! Ignite Portland 3 is sneaking up on us, fast! The event will be held on June 18, at the Bagdad Theater in Portland (same place it was last time – RSVP at Upcoming). Know what that means? It means that today, May 28, is the last day we’re accepting presentation idea submissions. Cutoff is midnight (PDT).

If you’ve taken part in Ignite Portland before, you know that the mix of 5 minute, 20 slide presentations is all over the map – pepper to rockets, Dr. Seuss to David Hasselhoff. That’s what makes it so awesome! But we are totally, 100% dependent on YOU for all of those cool ideas and presentations (I sound like a public radio fund drive, don’t I? 😉 ).

We had a shorter submission window this time, and I think we’ve gotten a lower number of ideas submitted (I’d have to check on that). Know what that means? It means the chances of YOUR idea getting selected to present is HIGHER THAN EVER.

So head on over to the submission page before midnight, give us a summary of who you are and what your presentation idea is, and help us to make Ignite Portland 3 even MORE awesome than the last two! We’ve got a reputation to uphold here, people, and we’re counting on you.

Don’t let the Portland geeky crafty bacon-y crowd down! 😉