Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-05

  • @kegill There’s an option in soup.io to use an external domain. Then just change your DNS to point the domain at soup.io, and viola! πŸ™‚ #
  • @melischi Ignite-style events have their roots in pecha kucha. #
  • @harrisja Yeah, they’ve disabled most Twitter RSS feeds, and require auth on the ones that are left: http://tinyurl.com/47whgo #
  • It appears that 435 Ignite Portland 3 tickets have been sent. That means 15 more are available (maybe more if people don’t claim theirs). #
  • @harrisja I know. I use Twitter RSS to track LOTS of groups/clumps of people. I hope it comes back soon! #
  • @bre Can the SD1000 do continuous autofocus? My SD700 IS can’t (it focuses ones, when you hit the button), which is a deal-breaker for me. #
  • I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but there is *1* ticket to Ignite Portland 3 left (assuming everyone claims theirs). 450 gone in 23 hours. #
  • Ignite Portland 3 presenter order finalized, will be posted very soon. This one is going to rock, hard. πŸ™‚ #ip3 #
  • Its windy and cold and rainy downtown Portland. I’m in search of a warm dry place with wifi to work for the afternoon. #
  • I still can’t believe that we “sold” out of 450 tickets to Ignite in less than 24 hours, before we even announced what the presos will be πŸ™‚ #
  • @britopian No, its usually sunny and warm this time of year. But that’s an Oregon State Secret I’m not allowed to share w/Californians. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @influxx Aww, that’s nice of you to say. Its a very good feeling, regardless. πŸ™‚ #
  • @missburrows @linuxaid did awesome video for IP1 and 2, and we hope for the same from him again! Also, possible live stream from AlphaGeekTV #
  • @feedia I never got back to you, but yes, a live video steam of Ignite Portland 3 on AlphaGeekTV would be awesome. #
  • @isle You should Ignite your city! Its fun! I’ll help however I can. #
  • @hangry @feedia that’s a good point. We’d have to tap into house audio for it to be worth it. Still worth a try? #
  • @ahockley uh, doesnt the water they spray come from the river? #
  • Been waiting forever for a train. I suspect that the lifted bridges for the arriving Fleet Week ships are to blame. #
  • Stupid ships… πŸ™ #