Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-23

  • Everyone’s talking about how fast the Intel-compiled version of Firefox 3 for Mac is. Is it that much faster than the Universal Binary? #
  • @bobduffy Substitute “email” or “phone” for “social media”, then see if what you’re asking makes sense. It’s just another medium. #
  • Car in the shop. Filled the radiator AND the coolant reservoir, and miracle of miracles, it stayed cool on the way here. Maybe there’s hope. #
  • Glad my mechanic is a SHO guy. His personal car is the twin of mine. Stan at Fords & More in Aloha. #
  • Whoa. Twitter RSS feeds ARE back. #
  • Now what about “with friends”, so PulseofPDX and a half dozen other mashups I made will start working again? Perhaps there’s hope! 🙂 #