Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-21

  • At a very cool place – metoobeaverton.com – a cafe with a full service play area for the kids. And free wifi. It is made of awesome! πŸ™‚ #
  • @rachelbancroft took my car to an all day calligraphy workshop at PCC, and it overheated when she got there. Will pick her up/trade cars. πŸ™ #
  • @gwalter Me Too is near the Costco at 158th and Jenkins/Baseline. Next door to Biscuits Cafe. metoobeaverton.com #
  • It’s official. My car has a coolant problem. Even though I filled with coolant and water, it was overheating (steaming) all the way home. πŸ™ #
  • It’s a 94 Taurus SHO. Yes, I had the heater on full blast. I’m thinking thermostat, maybe water pump. Hope it’s not the radiator. #
  • I’ll probably take it to the shop on Monday. Really could have done without this, but is there ever a convenient time for car trouble? #
  • Told @rachelbancroft about the pen @tiesque recommended, the Uniball 207, and she’s all “That’s the best pen ever. Steal mine, you die.” πŸ™‚ #
  • Should have asked her first. She was even kind enough to give me one of her extras. Saved me a trip to the store. Thanks, sweetie! πŸ™‚ #

Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-20

  • @Jmartens UEB needs an extension now, but hopefully soon it will be baked into Firefox and other browsers, as well as MediaWiki and others. #
  • @Jmartens As I understand it, UEB *is* the browser address bar thingy, but a standard icon on the page (a la feed icons) would rock, too. #
  • @marsphoenix just discovered ice on Mars (watched it sublimate). And it broke the news via Twitter. Awesome! πŸ™‚ #
  • @ahockley If he gets a Mac, you won’t HAVE to support him! *zing* πŸ˜‰ #
  • @ahockley My phone number’s on my blog, dude. Has been for years. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @ahockley But you know what a blog is, right? I’m happy to help, but honestly, I hate the phone. Can they email? I do much better with that. #
  • Hey, everybody! Only 22 more days left until iPhone 3G Day! Count down with me! πŸ™‚ #
  • @samgrover I actually haven’t decided if I’m going to “line” or “no line”. Of course, I’ll let you all know when I do. πŸ™‚ #
  • Just upgraded IgnitePortland.com to WP 2.5.1, since I noticed it needed it. Hope nobody minds… #
  • @turoczy Um, isn’t the Bagdad a McMennamin’s joint? #
  • @turoczy Haven’t ever tried the restaurant at the Bagdad. I’ll take your word for it. πŸ™‚ #
  • If anything’s broke on igniteportland.com, it’s my fault. Lemme know, and I’ll fix it. #
  • @turoczy if you go to that Ascentium thing, lemme know what you think. #
  • Just added the Universal Edit Button WordPress plugin to TinyScreenfuls.com. Works great! πŸ™‚ http://tinyurl.com/3pktq5 #
  • Playing with Google Trends new ability to track websites, not just terms: http://tinyurl.com/6rwetx (hat tip @steverubel) #
  • Aww, man! “Your terms – tinyscreenfuls.com – do not have enough search volume to show graphs.” *sniff* *cry* πŸ™ #
  • Well, Google Trends for Sites is useless, unless you have a REALLY popular site. Won’t work for blogs, IME so far. Dumb. #
  • The Google Trends for Twitter (http://tinyurl.com/4kgn2b) and FriendFeed (http://tinyurl.com/6sb2hc) are semi-interesting, though. #
  • @Jmartens The UEB only shows up if you already had edit permission. But you already have write access to my brain! πŸ™‚ #
  • @jmoriarty I think the MID “open or closed” question depends on how much any one company can control. Intel can’t control the whole stack… #
  • @jmoriarty Why only “like” Firefox? MID are going to RUN Firefox itself. It’s the best platform for addons to make mobile browsing better. #
  • @jmoriarty The fact that MIDs run FIrefox is the Number One reason I’m interested in them. I LIVE in Firefox. That’s MID’s advantage, IMO. #
  • @gwalter You need more seats, or more hauling space? Consider a Subaru. AWD, durable, lots of room in an Outback or Forrester. I lub my WRX! #
  • @gwalter Subarus also use very efficient little 4 cylinder engines. Some are even Partial Zero Emissions certified. #
  • @Jmartens Yeah, I can’t quite figure out how a non-hybrid IC engine can be PZEV. Maybe they count “zero” emissions when it’s not running? πŸ˜‰ #
  • Oops. I left “Through the Fire and the Flames” repeating in iTunes through my headphones when I went to lunch. Inflated play count! πŸ™‚ #
  • Guess what? Yahoo Pipes mangles Chinese characters in RSS feeds. But a round trip through FeedBurner then back into Pipes fixes it. #
  • 1. Photog takes a photo of Iron Man set. 2. Paramount freaks, screams “take it down”, then uses pic in the movie: http://tinyurl.com/58u2t2 #
  • Hat tip to @grigs for the Iron Man photo/slimy Paramount thing. #
  • OMG this will blow your mind. Seriously. From the guy who did WeFeelFine.org, go play with http://universe.daylife.com/ Major attn sink! πŸ™‚ #
  • I heard Jonathan Harris’s (the guy who did WeFeelFine and Universe) TEDTalk podcast in the car today, and I had to check it out. Amazing! #
  • @ravenzachary Crap! I’d love to come to that Open Mobile Exchange, but I have an all day team meeting July 21. Oh well! See you at OSCON! #
  • @ParanoidMike I’d argue that Microsoft didn’t try to control the WinMobile stack. Anyone could write apps for it. I put it in the “Open” col #
  • Shoot. Brian’s out of town, and I’m not going to get a Bit Stories podcast recorded today. Maybe next week. So much for being on the ball! #
  • @desparoz Bit Stories is definitely back. I just can’t get myself to sit in a room by myself and record when Brian is away. Next week! πŸ™‚ #
  • I’m 99% convinved to get Guitar Hero World Tour when it comes out, instead of Rock Band. Decisions, decisions! #
  • Reason #1 I’m picking Guitar Hero World Tour over Rock Band: Wii version has downloadable songs (RB Wii doesn’t) #
  • Reason #2 I’m picking GH: World Tour over Rock Band: My current GH guitar will be compatible. It won’t with Rock Band. #
  • @sumwan IGN Xbox had a good article on GHWT today (on phone, no link) that confirmed DL content and guitar compatibility on Wii. #
  • The downside is RB is out in a week, and GHWT doesnt come out until end of October. I can wait! Got no money right now anyway. πŸ™‚ #
  • Dear Twitter: I need a good pen that I can attach to my (iPhone sized) Moleskine, to carry in a cargo pocket. Small, no lid. What says you? #
  • I’ve been just hanging a schwag pen (Intel, Yahoo, whatever) on it, but there has to be something that fits better. I’m not a pen snob. πŸ™‚ #
  • Im just wondering if there’s a common pen that moleskine users like, that I can pick up at, say, Target or Staples or wherever. #
  • @tiesque thanks! And here I was thinking Friday night wasn’t a good time to ask esoteric pen questions. πŸ˜‰ #

Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-19

  • Oops. Must’ve hit “off” instead of snooze on my alarm this morning. Guess who overslept and is now late for work? Me! #
  • @jmoriarty It’s even worse. Guess what Mr. Techno Gadget’s alarm actually is? His iPhone. πŸ˜‰ Tap button to snooze, swipe to turn off. Oops! #
  • @ahockley How did you know I want a Chumby? Are they sturdy enough I can throw it across the room to snooze the alarm? πŸ˜‰ #
  • @ravenzachary @geekygirldawn or someone, can you post @linuxaid’s videos to the IP site? I underestimated how freakin’ busy my morning is… #
  • @linuxaid THANK YOU so much for getting the Ignite videos posted so fast! You rock uncontrollably! πŸ™‚ #
  • Working from home this morning. Tempted to have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for breakfast? Why yes. Yes I am. #
  • Just trained another blogger for Intel Software Network. Apple developers will be interested in the stuff he’s going to write about. #
  • At eSan downtown for the Ignite debrief. Nothing went majorly wrong – yay! Time to start thinking about Ignite Portland 4! πŸ™‚ #
  • Waitress at eSan just showed us a printed Toonlet: “You Pulled Off Another Great Event”. #
  • She wouldn’t tell us who left it for us, but thank you, whoever you are! πŸ™‚ #
  • Universal Edit Button is an awesome idea. I’m installing the extension now, looking into enabling it on Intelpedia. #
  • @erick_alejandro Oops. Here’s the Universal Edit Button (UEB) link: http://tinyurl.com/3qd9oy #
  • Argh. Twitter mixup. UEB link was for everyone. Next tweet will be the answer to @erick_alejandro’s question… #
  • @erick_alejandro Which kind of laptop to get? Apple, of course. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @MarkDilley Sure. We’ve got to make sure that Intelpedia stays the new hotness, and doesn’t get old and busted. Or something. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @erick_alejandro Get a use Mac, or a MacBook. They start at $1099, for a very capable, well-equipped machine. Seriously. #
  • @skyler I’m feeling awesome. You? πŸ™‚ #
  • Great post from @turoczy on the new Universal Edit Button idea/implementation: http://tinyurl.com/6ms4tj #
  • There were at least three Amazon Kindles (that I saw) at Ignite Portland last night, including mine. Total I know of in PDX = 5 or 6. #
  • Looks like (some) O’Reilly books are FINALLY coming to the Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/672p8s Yay! πŸ™‚ #
  • But O’Reilly appears to be charging the exact same price (maybe a little lower) for the ebook versions as the dead trees. That’s stupid. πŸ™ #
  • @rslux You know me, don’t you? I have a Kindle! But yeah, I guess that doesn’t count. Go see one in your city: http://tinyurl.com/6cmvpc #
  • @Jmartens I, too, would love to see ebook/dead tree bundles. As in, Amazon could offer Kindle versions of dead trees I’ve bought from them. #
  • @TiEsQue The world of ebook pricing, publishers, middlemen, royalties, and feelings of entitlement will always be impenetrable to me. πŸ™ #

Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-18

  • Twitter is all abuzz with talk of Ignite Portland. Use this page on Summize (http://tinyurl.com/4hznex) and the FriendFeed room to keep up! #
  • @geekygirldawn That summize query does include the #ip3 hashtag, I swear! @tiesque is telling me the same thing, that it’s not there. Weird. #
  • @harrisja The FriendFeed room I created for Ignite Portland is http://friendfeed.com/rooms/igniteportland – come join us! πŸ™‚ #
  • @turoczy We have your name and photo on “the list” for the door crew. You’ve been selected for special “additional” screening! #
  • Here’s another TinyURL for that Summize query for Ignite Portland stuff. Apparently the last one ate the #ip3 tag: http://tinyurl.com/5h49fq #
  • @Jmartens A LinkedIn group for the PDX scene? Don’t forget to create one on CompuServe and AOL while you’re at it. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @linuxaid, the rockingest Ignite videographer in teh world, says he’ll start posting IP3 videos at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning. That’s nuts! πŸ™‚ #
  • @juliejulie There will be a post on http://www.igniteportland.com soon about how to “participate” if you can’t be there in person. We’ll miss you! #
  • @davedelaney Me seeing Ignite Seattle at last year’s Gnomedex is actually what got the ball rolling to make Ignite Portland happen. πŸ™‚ #
  • OK, everyone. Important post on how to enjoy the parts of Ignite Portland that will take place online (tweets etc) http://tinyurl.com/52obbn #
  • @Jmartens The only thing I ever got from LinkedIn is invitations to connect to coworkers on LinkedIn, Closed my acct years ago. #
  • @jmartens I’m sure LinkedIn has changed since I last looked at it. But if it’s not a social network what is it? What’s the value? (honest Q) #
  • @jmartens I don’t use LinkedIn for the same reason I don’t use Pownce or Jaiku, etc. It’s not where the central mass of my network is. #
  • Here’s an updated Summize query that includes just the word “ignite”, to catch more tweets. Today, Ignite=Portland http://tinyurl.com/3p3634 #
  • @TiEsQue So, when do you need it? What does it do for you? #
  • @harrisja I know a couple people coming from Bend for Ignite. Even more unbelieveable, @corvida came from Atlanta! http://tinyurl.com/3qvo5j #
  • @TiEsQue Hmm. Maybe I should give LinkedIn a second chance. I’ve got link 70 invites waiting for me there, if I ever log in. πŸ˜‰ #
  • Apparently LinkedIn didn’t really delete my acct all those years ago. I created a new one, based on my Gmail, then tried to add Intel. Bzzt! #
  • Recovered my Intel-based LinkedIn login, but now I can’t add my Gmail, because it’s tied to the acct I just created. What a mess! πŸ™ #
  • And good luck figuring out how to delete/close a LinkedIn acct. It’s crap like this that made me leave them before. Ready to tell em to DIAF #
  • OK, enough LinkedIn griping. Back to the breathless Ignite Portland hype! I’m headed out to grab some food, then over to the Bagdad. #
  • Arrived early at the Bagdad for Ignite Portland setup. #
  • @skyler and @ravenzachary Yes, yes it is. #
  • No Ignite line yet. And the Bagdad wifi is working. That won’t last long. πŸ˜‰ #
  • Hanging out with @verso at the Bagdad. @tiesque is last minute shopping. Others are inbound. Yay! πŸ™‚ #
  • @verso is programming her City Liquidators LED name tag. #
  • Bunch of people filtering in to the Bagdad. I predict a line will coalesce. #ip3 #
  • Ramping up. Everything’s ready. Lines formed. Doors open for ticketholders in 30 minutes. #
  • I’ll be tweeting as @igniteportland for most of the rest of the night, so be sure to follow there. #
  • We can let another 200 or so into Ignite. Come on down! No line! 30 minutes until we start. #
  • I’m exhausted! I hope I can make it through the rest of the night. My time at the Ignite afterparty may be short… #
  • @kellyrfeller people were disrespectful to Intel? I didn’t hear from the stage. What were they saying? #
  • @kellyfeller eh – screw ’em. πŸ˜‰ #
  • Got waylaid at Greater Trumps with @ravenzachary and some drunk guy from GigaOm. πŸ˜‰ On way to Ignite afterparty at Imbibe. #
  • At the afterparty. I’m so not a bar party person. Awkward and strange. Hey, @strands, when do I win the iPhone 3G? πŸ˜‰ #
  • @pixelmatrix and @gwalter were drawn to win the 3G iPhone, but they weren’t here. So @donpdonp won! Congrats! Thanks, @strands! #
  • Too much mental stimulation. First Ignite, then listened to some TEDTalk podcasts on the way home, then read some Vernor Vinge before bed. #

Tonight we Ignite Portland for the Third Time

Tonight is Ignite Portland 3. We’re having it at the Bagdad Theater again, because that venue was just awesome last time, and it fits the spirit and character of Ignite Portland to a tee. The presentation lineup is just stellar, and we have a (hopefully) more streamlined “advance tickets + general admission” that should reduce the size of the lines (which stretched for BLOCKS for Ignite Portland 2) but still let people just show up and get it. The 450+ free advance tickets were gone in less than 24 hours, and there’s every indication that we’re going to pack the Bagdad to fire code again (700+).

If you’re coming, look for me and say “hi!”. I’ll be the geek in the cargo pants, black t-shirt, and bright orange Crocs. πŸ˜‰ If you can’t make it, you can still partake in the parts of the event that will take place online (the backchannel chatter on Twitter, watch the videos tomorrow, etc.). I just put up a post on igniteportland.com with details on how to experience Ignite to the fullest.

I’m very proud to be one of the organizers of such a cool, popular event. The folks from Legion of Tech (a non profit organization we formed to manage organizing events like Ignite Portand, BarCamp Portland, Startupalooza, and the monthly LoT Happy Hour meetups) are awesome in every way, and I’m humbled and honored to get to work with them (I’m on the board). I can’t wait to see how IP3 turns out tonight, and I’m already looking forward to Ignite Portland 4! πŸ™‚


Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-17

  • If Firefox 3 out for download yet? I want to fulfill my pledge, but I’m not seeing any download links on spreadfirefox.com yet. #
  • The AP has gone absolutely insane. They’re committing suicide before our very eyes (charging for 5 word quotes): http://tinyurl.com/4dw54z #
  • @metafluence Some extensions might not be updated to work with FF3, so be aware of that. Other than that, it’s great. I’ve used it 4 months. #
  • @mattg You could try getting it via one of the FTP mirrors. http://ftp.osuosl.org maybe? #
  • I wonder what kind of web infrastructure it really would take to handle the load that Mozilla/Firefox are seeing right now. Even possible? #
  • Just got a talent scout/recruiting email from someone at Yahoo. Feels weird, on so many levels. πŸ™‚ #
  • @segphault What’s the scene at Mozilla Headquarters in MV? How are they reacting to the FF3 download, um, issues? Be our man on the street! #
  • Giving up on getfirefox.com, and using ftp://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.0/ instead. My download won’t count, though. #
  • Since all you cool kids seem to like the FriendFeed, I created a “room” for Ignite Portland. Come join us! πŸ™‚ http://tinyurl.com/6fytur #
  • @corvida You actually flew to Portland for Ignite!? Wow. We’re honored. πŸ™‚ #
  • I figure the FriendFeed room might be a good central place to keep up with Ignite Portland backchannel stuff. Lemme know how to make it rock #
  • @ravenzachary I prefer to call my Kindle my “magic book”. It was the only way I could explain it to my 5yo daughter that made sense. πŸ™‚ #
  • @ahockley Not that I know of (mobile version of FriendFeed pages). I wish, though. They work OK on the iPhone, but not optimal. #
  • Hey, I finally got my Firefox 3 download to work from the official Mozilla site! Fast, too, once it started. Now I can rest, knowing I count #
  • Amid all the Firefox hype, today would be a good time to meet Foxkeh, the super cute Mozilla mascot from Japan: http://www.foxkeh.com/ #
  • I’ve been using Foxkeh’s monthly wallpapers for a while now. Just the right mix of cute and geeky: http://tinyurl.com/22oxgv #
  • @bethgo Yes, del.icio.us recently updated to work with FF3: http://tinyurl.com/6n3k4o #
  • @Jerry_Makare You’re not 100% caught up capturing. I have a tape full of stuff from Research@Intel Day for you… *evil laugh* πŸ˜‰ #
  • @chrisheuer Why, Intel, of course. πŸ˜‰ I maintain that assertion until I’m proven otherwise. #
  • @lyzadanger Pro tip: Move the 2 lines of javascript that instantiate the Twitter badge to the very bottom of the page above </body> #
  • @lyzadanger Pro tip: Move the 2 lines of javascript that instantiate the Twitter badge to the very bottom of the page above </body> #
  • @lyzadanger That way, the badge is the very last thing to try to load, and even if it fails, the rest of the page is already loaded. #
  • @lyzadanger They actually mention that in the instructions for the Twitter badge, so I can’t claim to have come up with the idea. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @kellyrfeller Personal manifesto? It’s in those long blog essays I’ve been writing. Including one I’m working on right now. πŸ™‚ #
  • @jmoriarty Since you’re in charge of Yahoo now, can I have del.icio.us, Pipes, YUI, and Fire Eagle? #
  • @jmoriarty No problem (re: no budget for my Yahoo properties). I’m going to take them all open source. Everyone knows FOSS is better. πŸ™‚ #
  • Attending a guest lecture set up by the marketing group, MIT’s Glen L. Urban on “Online Consumer Power”. Wiki bio: http://tinyurl.com/3efm2k #
  • This could be really rool, or kinda lame. As usual, I’ll keep my sarcastic commentary confined to Twitter, since they’re recording the room. #
  • Urban’s book, “Don’t Just Relate, Advocate!” is available in Kindle format. If he’s good in person, I’ll read it http://tinyurl.com/5nr6fw #
  • @sumwan He’s all about “engaging the online consumer”, so if I snicker, I’ll just tell him I’m engaging people online. πŸ˜‰ #
  • So far, so good. He’s talking about how the web shifts power back to the consumer. Nothing groudbreaking yet, though. #
  • Urban is sharing good stuff, but to be honest, it’s stuff that’s pretty intuitive. Don’t lie to customers. Try to make them smarter. #
  • You could get this all from reading Cluetrain. But he’s got slides, and some people only understand slides, so, yay, I guess. πŸ™‚ #
  • @debbieweil re: how to get a book into Kindle format, here’s Amazon’s FAQ page on just that topic: http://tinyurl.com/5q9x6u Hope it helps! #
  • Just posted “Teach Skills and Tools, not Programs and Rules”. Would love your thoughts. Come tell me I’m nuts: http://tinyurl.com/3etx4q πŸ™‚ #

Teach Skills and Tools, not Programs and Rules

You probably go to too many meetings. I feel like I do, sometimes. Some are worthwhile, others are a waste of time. Thankfully, for the ones that aren’t that interesting/engaging to me, I can usually pay partial attention, and either let my mind wander and chew on things, or perhaps even do a little reading online to make myself smarter and better informed. The topic of this post materialized in my brain over the course of a couple of these meetings where I was paying partial attention. Specifically, someone asked the question “how do we make our blogs less boring, and less self-referrential?” After some discussion, an answer bubbled up from the group: we need to acquire the skills to be un-boring. And that’s when the little light with the bell went off in my head.

When you’re dealing with the online world (and this extrapolates to a lot of offline stuff, as well), it is much more important, productive, and effective to teach and learn skills and tools, rather than focusing on programs and rules. Teach people useful skills and correct principles, and let them govern themselves. Let me give a made up example, to illustrate my point. Try to think of how you could apply this to your job and your life.

Say, for instance, it was part of your job to take your company’s employees, and encourage them to write on a group blog (this is a generic example – this applies to almost anything, I think). You’re a very process oriented individual, in a very process oriented company. You decide to create a “strategy”, outlining the goals and ends you want to achieve by having an active community of bloggers. You could then work backwards from that, and get some milestones and metrics that will help you measure how well you’re doing. Say, a certain number of blog posts from a certain number of contributors per month. This many visits per month, and a growth rate of n percent. And then you could have lots of brainstorming sessions focussed on those milestones – “How do we get more bloggers?” “How do we get the bloggers to write more?” “How do we sound less boring and less self-interested, to get more audience engagement?”

Based on brainstorming sessions like that, you come up with a plan. You’ll have more meetings for everyone involved. Mandatory training. Rules (call them “guidelines” if you wish) for how to write a good blog posts. Rules about what NOT to write about. Rules about who can and cannot be a contributor. Rules about how you count and measure hits and visits and comments and contributions. At long last, you have a “strategy” for your blogging “program”.

You get a few enthusiastic participants – people who seem to be natural bloggers, and take to it with gusto. But on the whole, you end up feeling like you’re having to constantly keep after the bloggers, to get them to post. You’re always encouraging them to write more, to be more engaging and personable (so more people will read the blog, and leave comments). You may go so far as to cook up some bribery/reward schemes to entice them to post more (a carrot instead of a stick). You feel like you’re exerting a lot of effort for diminishing returns, and eventually, you get tired of it, and stop trying so hard (so the whole program starts to fall apart).

Any of that sound familiar?

Now let’s imagine a different approach. Instead of falling into the trap of process and programs and rules (which is easy, because it’s what you’re used to, and besides, everyone else is doing it!), you should think of ways to achieve your objective by teaching skills and tools – actively helping people learn to do new things, or old things in new ways that are more efficient, and more fun. Your goal should be to help people find that “I kick ass!” feeling, and you should trust that doing so will induce them to achieve your “other” goal, be it a vibrant community of bloggers, or more sales, or whatever.

Teach people to find a way to deal with the things they hate most about their job or their life. Show them better spam filters, or how to use a feed reader to bring the web to them and give them more time by reading more efficiently. Show them tips and tricks, and teach them how YOU learned the tips and tricks.

What’s different about the “skills” approach? Do you think it can be just as effective? Which do you prefer? Can you still have a “strategy”, and if so, should you? How you find out what skills are important, and then learn them well enough that you can teach them? Or should you find experts to teach the skills? Is this really better than programs and rules? Let me know what you think. I’ve deliberately held back some of my thoughts on this approach, until they’re a little more developed. I’ll post more on this, soon. Plus, I love kicking ideas back and forth with you. So let me know what you think! πŸ™‚


Microposts from Twitter on 2008-06-16

  • @kellyrfeller WTF is a “twebinar”? These buzzwords are getting out of control! πŸ™‚ #
  • I got half way to work this morning before I realized I wasn’t wearing my glasses. Had to turn around and go back. One of those days… #
  • On a brighter note, today my oldest, Emma, turns 5! Happy Birthday chicken! I still owe you those birthday spankings! πŸ˜‰ #
  • In an Intel meeting with a bunch of “social media” people. My goal this week: keep my sarcastic comments to myself. Or confined to Twitter. #
  • Getting a download from someone who attended http://blogcouncil.org/ last week. Oy vey. That whole organization looks like a joke. #
  • How can I take http://blogcouncil.org/ seriously, when there’s no “blog”? All I see is a press release from 2007 on the front page. Wow. #
  • Looking over http://blogcouncil.org/, there’s no “there” there. I wonder how much $$ they milk companies like Intel to “sit on the council”? #
  • Maybe all the http://blogcouncil.org/ content is behind the “member login”. But how backwards is that? “You can only see if you pay!” πŸ™ #
  • Q: “Why is blogs.intel.com so formal?” A: Because you terrify bloggers with threatening scary mandatory training and guidelines. #
  • @blath most of the people in this Intel meeting follow me on Twitter. They’ll see my comments. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @blogan That’s why I’m making comments here. They can choose to listen/pay attention to me or not. Ball’s in their court. #
  • I feel bad for the outside guy (you know him, but I won’t name him unless he does first) who’s trying to marketers all this stuff. πŸ™ #
  • @cvelis no, I don’t advocate “no rules”. I advocate (and @IntelSoftware uses) a “don’t be stupid” policy. So does Microsoft. Works great. πŸ™‚ #
  • @ChrisLeckness It’s not too weird having work people follow me. They’re cool. They get it. They like it when I poke the beehive. πŸ™‚ #
  • @kellyrfeller Sweet! You rule. I hope my daughter grows up to be a smart, independent geek girl. πŸ™‚ #
  • @cvelis Yeah, but can you really think of something that should go into blog guidelines that “don’t be stupid” doesn’t cover? πŸ˜‰ #
  • @verso I haven’t ever heard of or seen that camera, but the specs look pretty good, and the price is nice. #
  • As a shareholder, I want to cry when I think of how much money Intel is throwing at consultants and “solutions” to figure this stuff out. πŸ™ #
  • @cvelis If you could oly see some of the required legal training for marketing bloggers, you’d see it’s a little scarier than that. πŸ™‚ #
  • On a positive note, I LOVE how everyone in this meeting was exhorted to lead by example. You have to DO this stuff to get it. It’s easy. #
  • Can you think of ANY examples when a company was REALLY successful at something, because they hired a consultant rather than just doing it? #
  • @kellyrfeller Bingo. You can’t just tell people “OK, go out there and blog conversationally” when they’ve had no practice and they’re scared #
  • @bikehugger I’m not on any bandwagon but the “be smart and do cool stuff” bandwagon, man. πŸ˜‰ #
  • About to teach a coworker, @rgunjan, “Twitter 101”, and welcome her to the Twittersphere! #
  • Hey everyone – you’re going to pledge to download Firefox 3 when it releases tomorrow, to break the record, right? http://tinyurl.com/5vcx53 #
  • Hey geek parents? I want to get an especially geeky gift for Emma (my 5yo daughter). We’ve got the regular gifts covered. Ideas/suggestions? #
  • @mellowynk Tessellation coloring book? got a link? That sounds pretty geeky. Thanks! πŸ™‚ #
  • @camikaos Great suggestion! I’ve been wanting her to have her own digicam for a while. I have a Nikon P&S I’m not using… Hmmm… πŸ™‚ #
  • Thanks to all of you for the geeky gift ideas. I think I’m going with the camera. Now she needs a Flickr account! πŸ˜‰ #
  • @amstel Chumby would be awesome, but a) it’s spendy, and b) I’d play with it too much, and she’d get mad. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @mellowynk Exactly. This is an old 3MP camera, been in mothballs, don’t care if it breaks. #
  • @azareal She doesn’t have Webkinz, and I confess I don’t really get what they are. Care to enlighten me in 140 chars? πŸ™‚ #
  • @ahockley Believe me, as soon as she’s old enough to type, she’ll have a plethora of phones to choose from. πŸ˜‰ #
  • @mellowynk @sumwan Hmm. She loves online stuff, like barbie.com. Are Webkinz OK for a 5yo? #
  • @sumwan @mellowynk Thanks for the info. I think I’m going to pass on Webkinz for now, but I want to get her into an online culture someday. #
  • @Jerry_Makare Just hop on the MAX from Hillsboro to PDX. Will take an hour or so, and cost you a couple bucks, but hey… πŸ™‚ #
  • @Jerry_Makare FairPlex is by the Hillsboro Airport. See if they have a shuttle, or it’s a short walk. #
  • TinyPodcast is reborn as Bit Stories! Just posted the first episode with me and Brian. Go have a listen! πŸ™‚ http://tinyurl.com/5q7sfr #
  • @Jerry_Makare Don’t let that comment bother you. People would complain if I DIDN’T disclaim that I work at Intel, too. πŸ™‚ #
  • @Jerry_Makare I don’t know what Internet hools are, but I dislike them too. I think. Unless they’re awesome. #
  • @jerry_makare Ah. Hooliganism and asshattery I understand. πŸ™‚ #

BitStories 2008-06-13: Josh and Brian Ride Again! iPhone 3G, Netbooks, and More

Hey, remember TinyPodcast? No? Well, Brian Jarvis and I (Josh Bancroft), two guys who happen to work at Intel, started doing a weekly podcast way back in 2004. Basically, the two of us geeked out about the latest mobile devices, cool software, and technology news and rumors, and recorded it. It was moderately popular, and some people actually complained when it tapered off…

Well, we’re back! And we’re under the Bit Stories banner now. I work for Intel Software Network, and I’ve had the idea and intention for a while now of doing a show there like Brian and I used to do. Now we’re actually doing it.

If you haven’t listened before, this isn’t some professionally produced, slick, marketing message controlled by our corporate overlords. We’re just a couple of geeks who love gadgets, phones, computers, the web, and software, talking about whatever’s new and cool. We try to make the audio sound good, but it’s always going to be a little rough around the edges, and we’re OK with that. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Come have a listen.

In this show, we talk about the following, in no particular order:

  • The iPhone 3G announcement – its features, whether Brian is finally going to cave in and get one, how AT&T is raising prices on the plans just because they can, how we can’t wait to see what comes out of the App Store, and everything else we can think of. We’re a little obsessed. πŸ™‚
  • Netbooks vs. regular laptops vs. Tablet PCs (with the tangent typing vs handwriting discussion).
  • Where we want to take the show – we don’t have grand plans – we pretty much have always played this by ear, but we’d love to hear any ideas or suggestions (or complaints!) you have, so we can keep it interesting.
  • And a whole lot more I can’t remember right now!

The show is about 38 minutes long (we try to stick to the magic 40 minute length), and weighs about 35MB (it’s a 128kbps MP3). You can download the file directly, listen using the streaming player in this post, or (BEST OPTION!!1!) subscribe to the Bit Stories podcast feed in your favorite podcast aggregator (like iTunes). If you subscribe to the feed, you’ll get each show delivered automatically as it becomes available – probably once a week or so, with the occasional bonus video or audio segment thrown in for fun. Plus, we’ll love you forever if you subscribe.

Are you thrilled that the show is back? Mad that we changed something? Think we suck for being gone so long? Just want to say hi? Post a comment, and let us know! Seriously. We crave the validation that your feedback brings. You have no idea how fragile our self esteem really is… πŸ˜‰