Why “Social Media” is Compelling

Quoting myself from an email I wrote this morning, because this is my blog, and I can do that if I want.

The most compelling reason to promote “social media” is the power it has to let people create connections with each other. By turning the internet into a way for people to express themselves, and know what their peers (in all senses of that word) are expressing, these tools build a network of human connections and trust, which can then be used to commiserate, collaborate, entertain, educate, complain, overthrow, take a stand, and just plain have fun. It is truly empowering.

I always put “social media” in quotes, because of my uneasy relationship with the term, but we have to call this bunch of tools something.

Apply that to how you think of and use this stuff, and see if any interesting thoughts shake out.


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