DSLReports iPhone Speed Test – Much Improved

I noticed today that DSL Reports has given a very nice makeover to their iPhone Speed Test page.

It used to be a bare white page, with teeny tiny little text and buttons at the top, that you had to zoom/spread with your fingers before you could even tap them.

This is much better, plus now there are more options for how you’re connected (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or Wifi, where before there was only “Mobile” and “High Speed”). Plus now you can see what speeds other people are seeing on each network/connection method, and know how you stack up (nothing like an internet measuring content to bolster/shatter your self esteem!). 🙂

A great overhaul to a tool that I use all the time, just to see what kind of speeds I can get at various places on AT&T’s 3G network (this screenshot was taken near Cornelius Pass Rd and Highway 26 in Hillsboro).

Definitely worth a bookmark.


2 thoughts on “DSLReports iPhone Speed Test – Much Improved

  1. Is that synchronous? My EVDO service is quite asymmetrical. I wrote on a similar topic in May of this year using my Verizon Wireless HTC Touch as a tethered modem. I have not upgraded my phone to be EVDO Rev. A capable, so the speeds aren’t quite as fast as they could be.

    I’d like a similar tool for Windows Mobile phones, I wonder what’s the best place to camp at work to read Ars 😉

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