Microposts from Twitter on 2008-07-04

  • At the Hillsboro 4th of July parade. I’m not a parade guy (well, I’m not a “sit in a crowd in the sun” guy) but the kids love it. #
  • Why do people bring dogs to parades? The sheer number of small children makes it… problematic – for everyone. #
  • Jesse Helms died? I don’t have an opinion, but that makes MC Hawking’s song “Why Won’t Jesse Helms Just Hurry Up And Die” outdated. #
  • @motherpopper I don’t think it starts until 10. Hop on the MAX, get off at Hillsboro TC, walk a block north, et violá! 🙂 #
  • @blath early? We’ve been sitting here since 8:30. 🙂 #
  • I feel like I missed out on punk. Probably due to growing up in Utah, where there was only metal and country. #