Why so quiet?

I’ve been here, but haven’t posted in way too long. I was at OSCON – the O’Reilly Open Source Convention – all last week. It was here in Portland, and it was an awesome experience – I learned a ton, saw lots of people I know from the open source communities, and met lots of new people. I LOVE the open source community and the people involved, and I had an absolute blast. OSCON is one of my favorite conferences.

I took a slightly different approach to “covering” the conference this time. Instead of breathless live blogging/tweeting, I decided to pay more attention, and take lots of notes and writing down my ideas in a real, paper notebook. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ve got enough notes and ideas for a month worth of writing. Nice, good, juicy blog posts.

So what happened? Why so quiet?

This week at work has been crazy. Besides all the email and stuff that piled up while I was at OSCON, it just seemed to be one of those weeks where my days filled up with meetings, and I just didn’t find any time to sit down, gather my thoughts, organize my ideas, and get something written.

Now, I’m headed out for a short vacation with the family to the Oregon Coast this weekend (so I probably won’t get too much writing done there, either). But I’m dying to get these ideas out of my head and my notebook and out there into the world, so we can talk about them all.

So, sorry it’s been quiet around here, and hopefully, next week, I’ll make up for it. 🙂