Josh’s Lifelog for 2008-08-13

  • What’s on tap for SIGGRAPH today? Hope to help @jerry_makare with some videos. Brought the Eee PC 901, too. Will put it through its paces. #
  • @sumwan I dropped by the Nvidia booth yesterday. They did have some really cool stuff going on. #
  • In my hotel room capturing footage from @jerry_makare. Aside: the A/C in here doesn’t mess around. I can’t feel the tip of my nose. #
  • Missing so many cool events while I’m in LA: Ignite Phoenix last night, Lunch 2.0 in Portland today, and BackFencePDX going on right now. #
  • There’s weird, loud, ghostly music floating around the streets of downtown L.A. Outdoor concert? Unknown celestial phenomenon? Zombies? #
  • Glad to be home in PDX. Seatmate was a cool geek named Alvin on his way back from the Olympics in Beijing. #
  • NOT glad to come home to a heat wave. 🙁 It was a LOT cooler (albeit more humid) in L.A. 🙁 #
  • I normally hate talking to people on airplanes, but it was fun to geek out with Alvin. He admired my Kindle, showed me his Sony Reader, etc. #
  • @atmasphere Yeah, the Sony Reader is nice. But I honestly found it kind of bland. Screen is bigger, but Kindle = more organic design. #